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Where is Torch Lake in Michigan? Discover the Deepest Lake

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Michigan is nicknamed a “Water Wonderland” because it has over 10000 inland lakes and four great lakes on its border; hence, you may ask, “Where is Torch Lake in Michigan?”.

The water sources in Michigan have contributed mainly to the growth of the economy in the region.

Michigan produces plenty of food, which is sufficient for the locals. More farm produce is exported to other neighboring states.

Because of the waterways, transportation of food is easy. Besides growing food, the lakes serve as recreational zones for the residents and visitors.

So, where is Torch Lake in Michigan?

Torch Lake is in the Northern Lower Peninsula U.S. in Michigan. The majority of the lake falls within Torch Lake Township, while smaller sections extend into Osceola and Schoolcraft townships.

Besides the stretch, Torch Lake is the deepest lake in Michigan and the largest by volume. Let’s learn about the inland Torch Lake and why it matters to Michigan.

A Brief History of Torch Lake

Many lakes formed during the last glacial period, including Torch Lake and Lake Michigan. At the time of formation, the receding glaciers led to the curving of the earth’s surface, forming basins filled with the melting glaciers.

Initially, Torch Lake, along with other lakes, was typically the bay of Lake Michigan. Later, the sandbars that formed at the end separated the lakes.

Unlike other lakes named based on their shape, the Torch Lake derives its name from the Ojibwe name “waaswaaganing.”

Waaswaaganing means a place of flames or a place of torches. Locals in the region used torches to attract fish, then speared or used nets to catch them. Before the shortening of the Torch Lake, it was first known as Torch Light Lake by the local European settlers.

Torch Lake is located in Antrim County and has other tributary rivers and small lakes that drain water, like the Clam River. Torch River drains Torch Lake and directs the water into Lake Skegemog. The lake’s southern shore creates a border between Antrim and Kalkaska counties.

Early settlers around Torch Lake in the 19th century were the Europeans who practiced agriculture and logging, taking advantage of Torch Lake.

The discovery of copper in the region heightened the activities in Torch Lake as it was used to transport copper deposits.

With the increase in copper mining activities, more people settled around the lake, leading to new towns in the area.

The more settlers in the region took advantage of the lake’s natural resources and traveled to other places using the lake.

The Animals in and Around Torch Lake

The environment in and around Torch Lake supports different flora and fauna. You’ll come across other species of animals roaming around the lake. The variety of fish types is uncountable, making the region an ecosystem for animals.

So, which animals are within the Torch Lake?

Fish is the main animal that you’ll find in Torch Lake. The species are many, with smallmouth bass, muskies, Atlantic salmon, yellow perch, white fish, and rainbow trout among the most popular.

You rarely see the fish unless you park your boat in the deep waters where the big fish hide to get cold temperatures.

Torch Lake is a destination known for fishing, and enthusiasts have a variety of fish to catch. However, there are a few restrictions regarding the type of fish you plan to get.

Fishes like brown trout, lake whitefish, lake trout, smallmouth bass, and yellow perch have consumption advisory, meaning you’ll need to seek advice before fishing. Moreover, the Lake fishing activities are not intense; hence, you’ll encounter plenty of fish.

Besides Fish, other animals that may be rare but around the lake are the white-tail deer, porcupines, bears and bird species like the noisy tern and Loonie Tuesday.

What Are The Popular Activities onTorch Lake? 

Torch Lake is a zone that visitors and locals love to hang around. The clear water, clean beaches, and fantastic environment make it attractive.

Plenty of activities happen at Torch, making it a lively place to visit. So what are the things you can do in the region?

You can engage in popular nature and adventure activities like hiking, swimming, diving, canoeing, and fishing.

You may also begin a business around the lake since resorts are being set up due to increased demand for accommodation.

The south part of the lake has a sand bar where tourists flock to enjoy the summertime. It is an ideal place if you seek a palace where you’ll enjoy the company of locals as you bathe in the great white sands.

Photography is another way you can spend your time at Torch Lake. Plenty of scenic views, animals, and water plants will capture your eye.

You can photograph them and keep the best memories. Again, having the best clips of the adventure is a great memory.

Visiting nearby towns will help you learn more about the region and the people. Towns like Alden and Eastport have a lot of things to offer.

Other Popular Deep Lakes in Michigan

Torch Lake is not the only lake in Michigan. During its formation, other lakes also formed in a similar process; hence, they almost have the same age. Below are the other lakes you’ll come across in the Michigan region.

Higgins Lake

Higgins Lake was formed hundreds of years ago, with its discovery dating to 1839. The lake has a depth of 135 feet and is still smaller than Torch Lake. Under the lake, there are submerged springs that feed it with water.

Fishermen will travel to the lake to catch fish since it is abundant. The common fish on the lake are bass and trout. Fishermen are also allowed to carry out ice fishing during winter. Therefore, if you live in areas where fishing is restricted, try the Higgins Lake experience.

If you love adventure, the surrounding South Higgins Lake State Park and the North Higgins Lake State Park will provide the right environment for you.

Union Lake

Another important water source in Michigan other than Torch Lake and Higgins Lake is Union Lake. It may not be a deep lake in Michigan but it has its core purpose in the region. The lake is in Oakland County.

The lake is small but a major fishing lake for the region. The presence of the walleye fish makes the lake the most sought-after for fishing in the state. Other types of fish in the Union Lake water include northern pike, yellow perch, and pumpkinseed sunfish.

The lake’s maximum depth is 110 ft, covering an area of 465 acres. If you are a beginner in dishing, you’ll access the shallow fishing areas at 10 ft.

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is the most popular in Michigan and has a rich history with settlers and indigenous people having had the best of it. The lake formation began over 1.2 billion years ago, but it was filled with water about 10000 years ago.

It has an average depth of depth of 279 feet, making it a suitable channel for transportation and fishing. Visitors can enjoy the fresh beaches of the lake and catch the amazing views while relaxing. Moreover, fishing and boating on the lake are allowed.


  1. What is Special About Torch Lake?

Torch Lake is special because it is the longest inland lake at 31 km and the deepest lake in Michigan. The lake is also the second largest inland after Houghton Lake. It has a variety of fish, white sand beaches, and crystal clear water.

2. What is a Suitable Time to Visit Torch Lake?

The ideal time to visit Torch Lake is in the summer. Michigan has all four seasons and requires you to plan your visit at the best time of the year. July, August, and September are the best swimming times.

3. Can a Visitor Rent a Boat at Torch Lake?

Yes, resenting a boat at Torch Lake is possible. The lake is large, and exploring it using a boat will be satisfying. Access the renting services around the lake to get your boat on time.


Where is Torch Lake in Michigan? The lake is located in the Northern Lower Peninsula U.S. in the state of Michigan and is the longest inland lake. It serves many purposes, like a fishing hub, nature park, and boating for adventure enthusiasts.

The lake boasts a variety of fish that you can catch. It also has other animals around the area, which might be rare but often come to drink water from the lake.

Even though Torch Lake may not be as large as Michigan Lake, but it remains a special lake for the region’s economy.

If visiting Michigan, don’t forget to touch the waters of Torch Lake as you experience the history and modernity of the area.

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