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When Does Michigan Play Ohio State? Wolverines Vs Buckeyes

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The rivalry between Michigan and Ohio began way back in 1897. It sparked one of the most illustrious rivalries in college football, spanning 125 years. 

The Wolverines prevailed 36-0 in Ann Arbor. Michigan led early in the series under the leadership of Fielding Yost, prevailing 13-0-2.

Michigan won nine consecutive games From 1901 to 2009, the most significant victory coming in 1902 at 86-0. 

Ohio State once completed a stretch of eight straight victories, from 2012 to 2019. The Buckeye’s largest win was by a score of 38–0 in 1935.

The Wolverines have a three win streak over Ohio. Let’s look at when the next time the two meet.

When Does Michigan Play Ohio State?

Among the many college football rivalries, one in particular stands out. Michigan will play against Ohio on Wednesday, November 30, 2024. It will be Ohio State versus Michigan. This is arguably the most anticipated game in 2024.

It’s a highly anticipated matchup between two teams with something to prove. Michigan will seek to continue its winning streak, and Ohio will be after redemption.

The Last Time The Two Met, Michigan Won

 Ohio State concluded its regular season with a 30–24 loss to Michigan at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor. 

This is the third consecutive year that Ohio State has suffered a defeat to Michigan. There has not been a streak of three consecutive victories against Ohio State since 1995–1997.

“Everyone is unhappy,” Ohio State head coach Ryan Day stated. “We recognize the significance that this event holds for many individuals. Because you know you worked hard all year for the objective, failing to achieve it is crushing.’

Michigan scored when Kyle McCord intercepted a pass that placed the team seven yards from the end zone in the first quarter. Ohio State fell behind and never led the game. Blake Corum scored the Wolverines’ first touchdown with four yards remaining on a run.

McCord stated, “To put it bluntly, there are not many things to say in this instance. It hurts to lose; it’s just one of those contests in which you give your all.”

Michigan’s offense was flawless under the direction of interim head coach Sherrone Moore. He implemented various tricks that sure caught Ohio by surprise.

Michigan demonstrated its toughness throughout the day, particularly after Zinter suffered a severe leg injury. Corum responded with a touchdown on the following play. 

Michigan unequivocally demonstrated that they have been the superior squad for the past three seasons by defeating Ohio State in Harbaugh’s absence. The scouting and sign-stealing scandal resulted in Harbaugh’s suspension.

The scandal overshadowed their previous two victories against Ohio State did not sit well with the Wolverines. Nobody could argue that Michigan had an unjust advantage in this contest.

A few costly errors on the part of Ohio State determined the contest’s outcome. This included McCord’s interception, which Michigan converted into three points, and Jayden Fielding’s unsuccessful 52-yard field goal just before halftime. 

After the offensive line poorly blocked a blitz, McCord intercepted the pass on the final play. The Buckeyes’ error-prone schedule throughout the entire season has hampered their season. 

Michigan is an unbeatable opponent and their error cost them in the end. As a spectator watching their rivals proceed, Ohio State is again in Championship Week.

The picture associated in the rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan will be Michigan supporters swarming the field to celebrate the Buckeyes’ third consecutive loss. Michigan supporters celebrated in the snow their previous year’s win.

This win formally concluded Michigan’s three-year Big Ten championship reign. Michigan allegedly conducted in-person reconnaissance and the win does not absolve the school of any potential future repercussions.

Rival fans will continue to label the Wolverines as “cheapies.” Despite not having head coach Jim Harbaugh, it was evident that the Wolverines were better than Ohio.

The Best VPNs to Watch College football Online

A reliable VPN service is required to view Michigan play Ohio Outside the United States. Most VPN services lack the necessary unblocking and viewing speeds to allow you to witness your favorite team play.

As a result, we compiled a list of the top VPNs for streaming college football and NCAA basketball. Each VPN on this list satisfies the following essential criteria:

  • Excellent options for streaming and unblocking: Occasionally, an accessible VPN server is insufficient to grant access to your preferred streaming service. 

Each virtual private network (VPN) on this compilation possesses a unique characteristic that enables it to circumvent VPN bans, as websites can readily detect them.

  • Rapid streaming speeds: When selecting a VPN, one must have one that offers fast connections. If you use a sluggish VPN, you may experience frequent buffering and interruptions.
  • Numerous dependable US servers: Each VPN on this list possesses an abundance of reliable US servers. This significantly increases the probability of discovering a server compatible with your college football stream.
  • Price: We ensured this list contained only VPNs offering reasonable pricing.

ExpressVPN — Consistently Fast Speeds Buffer-Free

ExpressVPN will help you stream Michigan vs. Ohio without any interruption. The Lightway protocol provides quick streaming speeds. 

The objective of this private protocol is to increase speeds, and reduce buffering. It strengthens your connection, allowing you to savor each throw without interruption.

Useful Features;

  • Simple design. The sleek and intuitive design of ExpressVPN enables even non-technical users to configure and operate the service. 

Immediately after downloading the software, activate the “Smart Location” feature, which establishes a connection to the quickest server in your country.

  • Media Player application. The Smart DNS of ExpressVPN provides secure access to NCAA Football events on smart TVs and gaming consoles lacking VPN applications. 

Setting up ExpressVPN is a breeze thanks to the website’s crystal-clear instructions. Remember that it is only compatible with specific systems in the United Kingdom and the United States, so it is most suitable for residents of those countries.

  • ExpressVPN enables you to generate shortcuts to your preferred websites and video services. Streaming is possible with a single click, and the link is secure.
  • Live support is accessible around the clock. ExpressVPN provides live contact support around the clock, every day of the week. Promptly contact its support staff should any complications arise while utilizing or configuring the service during the event.

NordVPN: Fastest To Stream College Football

At this time, NordVPN is the finest VPN service for Sling TV due to its seamless streaming capabilities. You will thereby avoid missing any scores. 

Additionally, it possesses an estimated 2,000 servers dispersed throughout the United States. You will be able to view your preferred football game from any location.

Here’s why NordVPN is highly recommended;

  • Over 1,970 servers in the US
  • Unblocks numerous college football broadcasts, including those available on Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, and Fubo, among others
  • Outstanding bandwidth for streaming. Multiple speed tests have concluded that this VPN is currently the fastest.
  • Provides unique IP addresses to circumvent VPN restrictions that are hard to bypass
  • College football is streamable on various platforms, including Fire TV, Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.

NordVPN’s interface is user-friendly. It has a robust no-logging policy and exceptional 256-bit AES security. These are critical security features that we would recommend for any VPN.

CyberGhost — Streaming Servers Make it Stream Securely

CyberGhost offers exclusive streaming platforms for Sling TV and Paramount+. These servers permit users to watch football games on these platforms without experiencing any lag or issues. 

CyberGhost ensures that connections are consistently stable and quick, allowing users to stream games without complications.

The platform also maintains dependable servers across the US enabling you to watch your NCAA football games. You can stream a live football game on your app from the United Kingdom with a link that remains active throughout the game.

Additionally, you can select any computer with CyberGhost due to its user-friendly nature. CyberGhost is also highly secure due to its robust encryption and no-log policy implementation.

Here’s why CyberGhost is highly recommended;

  • The most extensive CyberGhost plan is available for $2.19 per month, placing it among the most affordable virtual private networks (VPNs). Int doesn’t cost much to secure your streaming connection.
  • CyberGhost’s quick speeds are crucial for uninterrupted viewing of NCAA football games free from latency or buffering. Despite being slower than ExpressVPN, these speeds will not impede your streaming.
  • You can modify the VPN’s settings using this application. The Exceptions function, for instance, enables you to configure specific websites to reject the VPN connection. 

Thus, more bandwidth is available to view NCAA football more efficiently. Additionally, configuring the VPN’s App protocols allows it to connect and activate upon the launch of specific apps automatically.


When Does Michigan play Ohio state? We eagerly anticipate every Big Ten football season, regardless of the circumstances. 

Spreads are available for several pivotal games, including the heated match between Ohio State and Michigan. The 2024 season is still eight months away but the anticipation is already building.

The Buckeyes have all the pressure this year as they seek to end the three-game losing streak to Michigan’s Wolverines and get to the Big Ten Championship. 

The playoff expansion benefits both teams as they prepare for the 2024 season. On the other hand, Michigan will seek to continue its dominance as the defending champion.

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