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What Is Donald Trump’s Eye Color? What We Know

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Donald Trump is one of the most talked about celebrities and politicians in the United States of America. From “What is Trump’s eye color” to whether his hair is real or fake, questions about the 45th president of the United States keep popping up all over the internet.

Trump is a public figure who doesn’t shy away from criticizing his political opponents, even down to their family members. He did that with Joe Biden, claiming his son, Hunter Biden, would have gotten the death penalty for delay in paying his taxes.

In this article, we’ll unravel the color of Trump’s eyes and more. Read on!

What Is Donald Trump’s Eye Color?

Ophthalmologists have revealed that Trump’s eye color is blue or gray. They claim it is light blue and dark gray but acknowledged that eye color may change when viewed from a distance or in photos.

The lighting in the room, the color of one’s clothes, and the distance the person’s eye is being viewed from can influence eye color. In addition to lighting, the camera can change one’s eye color.

Some people still think Donald Trump has brown eyes, and you can’t fault them. You will find a different color when you view Trump’s eye from far away or in photos. A slight angle and lighting change on a camera can change one’s eye color.

Here is what we think about Trump’s eyes. A closer look at the 45th president’s eyes reveals a combination of gray and blue colors. But one thing we can all agree on is that Trump has attractive eyes, which are more attractive and better-looking than his hair.

Is Donald Trump’s Eye Color More Blue or Gray?

Trump’s eye colors are gray and bluish. But how much of it is gray and blue?

Trump’s eyes are predominantly gray. The gray color is prominent when you zoom in to view both eyes.  But there is a stint of blue color in both eyes. That’s why some people believe he has blue eyes, while some don’t see the blue color. Instead, they believe the 45th president’s eyes are dark gray.

In a nutshell, Trump has bluish-gray eyes, where the gray color is darker and more prominent than the blue. 

What Celebrity Makeup Artists Know About Donald Trump’s Eye Color

Donald Trump was featured in The Apprentice before he stepped into politics. And as a TV personality, he has worked with several makeup artists.

Donald Trump currently does his makeup, and we all know why. He doesn’t want anything about his personal life in public. The media’s eyes are focused on him and ready to publish anything about him. In addition, he has been sued for sexual harassment in the past.

So, what have makeup artists who have worked with Donald Trump said about his eye colors? Many of them have acknowledged Trump’s cute eyes. They claim he has unique eyes, which isn’t far from the truth.

While some celebrity makeup artists have described Trump’s eye color as piercing, some have acknowledged that his eye color is a bit challenging to describe.

Some makeup artists have described Donald Trump’s eye color as bluish-gray. However, the gray is more prominent, while the bluish color is revealed when you zoom in or get closer to Trump.

Trump’s eye color is unique. There is no doubt about that. But while we think his eye color is bluish-gray, others may have a different view.

Makeup artists are known to work with lighting and shadows, which could create an illusion of varied eye color. Using mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow, they can enhance the eyes’ natural color or create an entirely different look. But it is essential to mention there’s only so much makeup can do. Applying makeup on one’s face can’t change the natural eye color.

United States Presidents And Eye Colors

From George Washington to Biden, the United States of America has had 46 presidents. Here’s a list revealing the eye color of each president starting from George Washington.

  U.S. President Eye color
1. George Washington Blue
2. John Adams Blue
3. Thomas Jefferson Hazel
4. James Madison Blue
5. James Monroe Blue-gray
6. John Quincy Adams


7. Andrew Jackson Blue
8. Martin Van Buren Blue
9. William Henry Harrison Brown
10. John Tyler Blue
11. James K. Polk Gray
12. Zachary Taylor Hazel
13. Millard Fillmore Blue
14. Franklin Pierce Gray
15. James Buchanan Blue
16. Abraham Lincoln Gray
17. Andrew Johnson Brown
18. Ulysses S. Grant Blue
19. Rutherford B. Hayes Blue
20. James A. Garfield Blue
21. Chester A. Arthur Brown
22. Grover Cleveland Blue
23. Benjamin Harrison Blue
24. William McKinley Blue-gray
25. Theodore Roosevelt Blue
26. William Howard Taft Blue
27. Woodrow Wilson Blue-gray
28. Warren G. Harding Gray
29. Calvin Coolidge Blue
30. Herbert Hoover Hazel
31. Franklin D. Roosevelt Blue
32. Harry S. Truman Blue
33. Dwight D. Eisenhower Blue
34. John F. Kennedy Blue-green
35. Lyndon B. Johnson Blue
36. Richard Nixon Brown
37. Gerald Ford Blue
38. Jimmy Carter Blue
39. Ronald Reagan Blue
40. George H. W. Bush Blue
41. Bill Clinton Blue
42. George W. Bush Blue
43. Barack Obama Brown
44. Donald Trump Blue-gray
45. Joe Biden Blue

The table above shows that many of the former presidents of the United States of America had blue eyes. Next are those with blue-gray eyes, to which Donald Trump belongs.  

John Quincy Adams, William Henry Harrison, Andrew Johnson, Chester A. Arthur, Richard Nixon, and Barack Obama have brown eyes. A few others have hazel and some have gray eyes.

What Is Donald Trump’s Hair Color And Style?

Trump is famous for his unique hair type and distinctive hairstyles. His hair is almost white or light blonde.

Trump has maintained a unique hairstyle throughout his extraordinary career. And while some people criticize his hairstyles and call them weird, others admire them.

Unfortunately for the haters, as Donald Trump calls his critics, he doesn’t care what people think about him. Trump’s boldness makes even some people who don’t like his hairstyles love him. For him, as long as he’s satisfied with his appearance, the opinion of others doesn’t matter to him. His hairstyle has generated a lot of controversies over the years, but he doesn’t care.

A Handy Tip: There is no correlation between hair and eye color. The fact that Trump has light hair doesn’t mean he would have light eyes. Genes determine both eye and hair color.  So, an individual can have brown eyes and blonde hair.

What Is Donald Trump’s Skin Color?

Trump’s skin tone is another highly debated and broad topic on its own. He has a fair skin tone with a little pink undertone. But in recent years, Trump has started looking orange. He’s looking like he’s been eating a bunch of carrots lately.

His appearance has been debated recently, as many believe he’s self-tanning. The hyper-pigmentation around his eyes indicates that he’s self-tanning. He wears goggles to protect the eyes, which is the usual practice.

A Handy Tip: Skin tone can impact the appearance of one’s eye color. For instance, while the eyes of an individual with darker skin may appear lighter, another with very fair skin may look more intense.


What is Donald Trump’s eye color? Trump’s eye color is bluish-gray. However, some claim it’s blue, while others claim it’s gray with a stint of blue.

One thing we can all agree about Trump’s eyes is that they’re cute. Or, at least, they look cuter and more attractive than his hair. Trump treasures his appearance. So, he can give anything to look more attractive than even the audience he’s speaking to.

We also provided a list of former presidents of the United States of America and their eye colors. And on the list, you’ll discover that many former presidents have bluish eyes. However, like Trump, others have bluish-gray eyes, while Obama and a few others have brown eyes. 

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