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Shannon Klingman Net Worth: Bio, Education, Career, & Lifestyle

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Are you looking for information on Shannon Klingman net worth, career, husband, children, and everything about her life? You have come to the right place!

In the vast and highly competitive world of personal care, one name stands tall: Shannon Klingman. She’s the pioneer of Lume Deodorant, one of the world’s best deodorants.  

Dr. Shannon Klingman is a gynecologist and obstetrician in Minnetonka, MN. She boasts over 26 years of experience working as a medical practitioner. 

We’ll discuss all you need to know about Dr. Shannon Klingman. Keep reading for more details! 

Shannon Klingman Early Life: An Entrepreneur Was Born 

Shannon Klingman was born in January 1970 and raised in Minnesota. However, little information about her parents is available to the public. 

Klingman is a private person. She likes to keep her personal life out of the public eye. 

Shannon Klingman Education: Education Can Be Key To Success

After finishing her Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, Klingman proceeded to Wayne State University of Medicine. She earned her honors in 1997. 

Klingman has gained over 26 years of experience in her field. She’s a top-rated gynecologist and obstetrician working in Minnetonka, MN. 

Klingman’s decision to create a deodorant was more than a passion. She wanted to solve a problem that reared its ugly head. 

At some point, she started perceiving strange and unpleasant odor from her underarms, forcing her to develop a keen interest in finding a solution. 

Shannon Klingman: 9th Season Shark Tank Contestant

Klingman was one of the contestants on the famous entrepreneurship show called Shark Tank. She featured in the 9th season of the popular show.

How did Klingman perform in the show? Excellent is the right word to use. 

She swept the judges off their feet with passion for her product and business acumen. Her company, Lumen Deodorant, produces a natural and organic product that helps maintain the skin’s beauty. 

Did Shannon Klingman get an offer on the show?   

Personalities and businesses like Klingman’s only come once in a lifetime, and the judges knew this. She even received a tempting offer on the show. 

Kelvin O’Leary offered to invest $175,000 in Lumen deodorant for a 25% stake in the business. Unfortunately, Klingman turned down his request. 

Being an intelligent woman, Klingman had already researched and discovered that Kelvin O’Leary had failed in the other businesses he invested in. She didn’t want hers to be the next victim. 

Many were surprised at Klingman’s refusal to accept Kelvin’s deal. Many thought she lost a huge opportunity she may never find. But looking at where Lumen Deodorant is today, it’s evident that Klingman has been vindicated. 

Her decision to turn down Kelvin’s proposal shows her belief in her organic product and version to become a leading brand. She has grown her company to a multi-million-dollar firm, increasing her net worth and popularity in the business world. 

Shannon Klingman inspires every newbie seeking to burst into the business world. She focused on nurturing her business to success despite the competitions.    

Shannon Klingman Residency And Internship: A Path To Self-Discovery

Shannon Klingman started her career on the right foot, and that reflected on her exploits in the business world. She did her residency and internship, gaining massive experience along the line. 

Klingman showed a solid determination to learn during her residency and internship program. Those who knew her described her as the first to arrive and last to leave.     

She likes listening to experts in her field and discussing ideas. She never avoided debating with her mentors on complex processes or helping out when her mentor requested one. She’s always attentive and willing to learn. No challenge or task was too much for her.   

So, Shannon Klingman’s reputation for being attentive grew during her residency. Both patients and coworkers loved her. She was always willing to listen to her patients, relate with them, and administer compassionate treatment. He loved treating people right. 

She always understood that patients might have fear regarding their treatment and was willing to discuss the available treatment options with them. 

Shannon Klingman Net Worth: The Brain Behind Lumen Deodorant

Shannon Klingman’s net worth today is $100 million. She’s the founder of Lumen Deodorant, one of the leading brands in the world. 

There is no denying the fact that Klingman is a wealthy entrepreneur. Her business continues to grow and gain consumers’ trust in personal care products across the globe. 

Details about Klingman’s wealth have been her best-kept secret, but with a company like hers, the sky is only the starting point. She has turned Lumen Deodorant into a multi-million dollar company in under five years. 

Many who know Klingman might not be surprised at her achievements, given her passion for knowledge and dedication to whatever she puts her mind to. She was determined to kick-start the company Lumen Deodorant and saw nothing but success. 

Shannon Klingman And Lume: The Obstacles On The Way To The Top

When we look at businesses that grew from nothing to something, all we see is success. But the truth is, life isn’t a bed of roses, neither is business. In life, challenges are inevitable, likewise in business. 

However, entrepreneurs must understand that challenges don’t happen to stop us but make us stronger. They prepare us for our next growth phase. 

Klingman faced numerous challenges while starting Lumen. But like every rugged  and passionate entrepreneur, she knew overcoming the challenges will spur the company’s growth. 

All the trials and temptations she and Lumen have faced are stepping stones to the next phase. This is evident in the net worth and value of the company today. 

If she hadn’t done things right or overcome the challenges of running a business, the business would have folded up by now. So, the fact that Lumen is still standing strong means that Klingman and her team are doing something right. 

Is Shannon Klingman’s Lumen Successful?

Lumen is a successful brand. Since its inception, the product has received several awards and recognition, including establishing a loyal fan base. 

Klingman has revolutionized the personal care business. She has shown customers they can get a good deodorant without breaking the bank. 

A Handy Tip: Klingman is a gynecologist and obstetrician with over 26 years of experience. Her medical experience and personality helped Lumen to build trust. 

Consumers know the dangers of using personal care products with questionable ingredients. So, they will always scrutinize every aspect of a product, including the individual behind it, before splashing the cash. 

As a medical professional, Klingman knows the dangers of using questionable ingredients in her products. She also has much to lose as a specialist with many years of experience. 

Another shocking thing that Klingman does that makes her product more trustworthy is her involvement in her products’ production process from time to time. She also boasts a dedicated quality control team that ensures none of the products is below standard. 

Her dedication to getting involved in the production process, including producing a scientifically backed product makes Lumen a trustworthy brand in the personal care industry.  

Shannon Klingman: A Massive Achievement

Shannon Klingman didn’t only establish one of the leading brands in the personal care industry. She has also made a name for herself as far as women’s health is concerned.

Klingman has made numerous ground-breaking discoveries, establishing her as an authority on women’s health. Even though some in her field still consider her findings basic knowledge, that doesn’t stop the results from being irrelevant to the health community.

The hormone abnormalities in female research is one of Klingman’s most significant accomplishments throughout her highly successful career. She discovered patterns that had gone under the radar for years, which helped improve therapeutic approaches and diagnostic equipment.    

Klingman’s discovery clarified an area of medicine that has remained unclear for several years. Her work enabled women to receive accurate diagnosis and treatment, improving their health.   

She’s no stranger to working with teams. She has worked with several interdisciplinary teams, gaining massive knowledge in genetics, nutrition, and other disciplines. 

Her extensive medical knowledge and experience working with several interdisciplinary teams enables her to address female health issues holistically. 

Shannon Klingman is the type who likes learning from others. She never considers herself more knowledgeable than others. Her collaborative attitude has been one of the greatest attributes that have helped her flourish in business and her career. 

Everyone who knew Lumen and the impressive job Klingman was doing saw the awards coming. Her innovativeness, resilience, and leadership qualities set her apart. They are the reason she keeps getting accolades from within and outside her industry. 

Lumen Deodorant’s recognition includes its “Best in Show” award. It received an award from the Indie Beauty Expo organized in 2018. The award contributed to Lumen’s increase in value and growth in Shannon Klingman’s net worth.    

Shannon Klingman: Husband And Children  

Shannon Klingman boasts a lovely family. She has a lovely husband, who is also a medical doctor. 

She’s married to Dr. Evans Griffiths, an obstetrician, and they both have four children, though she lost one of her kids during childbirth.

Shannon Klingman’s children are Mary, Jonah, Bennett, and Julia. 

A Handy Tip: Jonah, Bennett, and Julia are Klingman’s biological children, while Mary was adopted. The couple decided to adopt Mary from Ethiopia after losing Amy Jane who died with Down Syndrome in labor. 

Shannon Klingman: Weight, Height And Age 

Shannon Klingman weighs 60 kilograms and is 5 feet 7 inches tall. She turned 53 years old in 2023. 

Is Shannon Klingman Active On Social Media?

Shannon Klingman is super active on social media. She enjoys posting videos and photos on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

She’s a CEO, mother, wife, and doctor, but finds time to engage her admirers. She frequently shares her activities on her various social media accounts to keep her followers informed. 

On Instagram, Shannon Klingman has over 21.6K followers. She’s one of the celebrities and CEOs who are very active online. 

Shannon Klingman Hobbies and Interests

Shannon Klingman is a CEO, medical consultant, and researcher. However, she doesn’t let her career or commitment stop her from having a great time. She finds time to relax and play with the kids and her husband. She loves spending time with her young kids. 

Shannon Klingman: A Role Model 

Shannon Klingman is a shining light to the world. Her calmness, innovativeness and intelligence are key traits that set her apart. 

Her qualities are worthy of emulation. Aspiring entrepreneurs should desire to have her kind of mindset. She believed in her vision and worked hard to make it a reality. 

She’s a role model for career women and aspiring entrepreneurs. She’s also an excellent example for those seeking inspiration to balance their career, company, and personal life. 

By the way, she’s also married to a medical doctor who is also very busy. So, how she manages to balance her career, company, and personal life needs studying. 


Shannon Klingman’s net worth is evidence of her exploitation in the business world. She’s the founder of Lumen Deodorant, one of the leading brands in the personal care industry. 

Shannon Klingman is a gynecologist and obstetrician. Yet, she runs a highly successful business. She’s also a mother of four kids, who are pretty young and need attention. 

She’s worth over $100 million, and many believe she is worth more. However, details about her worth are sketchy, as she likes to keep things about herself private. 

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