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Bridal Shop Owner Faces Additional Charges Following Abrupt Closure And Failure To Deliver Wedding Dresses

Former bridal shop owner Nadica Ristivojevic, 58, of West Bloomfield, is now facing additional felony charges related to the abrupt closure of her store, Birmingham...

Michigan Police Save Woman Stuck in Outhouse Toilet While Attempting to Retrieve Apple Watch

On Tuesday, a woman found herself in a precarious situation in northern Michigan as she attempted to retrieve her Apple Watch from an outhouse...

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University Of Michigan’s Student Housing Project Sees $141 Million Cost Overrun and Six-Month Delay

The University of Michigan's forthcoming student housing project is...

Former Michigan State Wide Receiver Placed on Injured Reserve by Minnesota Vikings

Jalen Nailor's sophomore NFL campaign has encountered a setback....

Michigan Newcomer Makes Touchdown Debut with First NFL Reception

Former Michigan standout Luke Schoonmaker etched his name into...

Michigan Vs Arizona State Comparison: A Data-Driven Guide

Michigan Vs Arizona state comparison is a tricky one....



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NIT Bracketology: The 2023 NIT Bracketology, Schedules & More

The NIT (National Invitation Tournament) features teams that didn't make it to March Madness, or what's otherwise known as the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.  The...

NFL QB Ages: How Old Are The Quarterbacks?

What are the NFL QB ages? They say the NFL is a young man's game! Clubs are now drafting younger quarterbacks for good reasons....

Is Donald Trump’s Hair Fake Or Real: The Truth Revealed

Donald Trump’s hair is now a hot topic all over the internet. People have started asking hilarious questions like, “Is Donald Trump’s hair fake...

What Is Donald Trump’s Eye Color? What We Know

Donald Trump is one of the most talked about celebrities and politicians in the United States of America. From "What is Trump's eye color"...
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Barron Trump Height Disease: All You Need To Know

The Barron Trump height disease rumor is spreading like wildfire. The discussion gets even hotter whenever the former president’s son appears in public. Barron’s height...

Can A Presidential Pardon Be Reversed? Here Is What Can Happen 

So, can a presidential pardon be reversed? The number of people entering this search term on Google increases once a presidential pardon is issued.  People...

Can Obama Run For President In 2024? All You Should Know

The rumor about the Democrats fielding Obama in the 2024 election is gaining momentum. Nevertheless, can Obama run for president in 2024? The Democratic...


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