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Michigan’s ‘Snake Guy’ Succumbs to Cancer

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Michigan’s beloved “Snake Guy,” Brian Barczyk, has sadly lost his battle with pancreatic cancer, prompting a public memorial to celebrate his impactful life. 

His family shared the news of his passing on his Facebook page, and the church hosting the memorial has also confirmed the sad event.

Barczyk, the owner of The Reptarium in Utica, bid farewell to his audience nine days ago through his final YouTube video titled “This is Goodbye.” 

In this poignant message, he expressed gratitude to his family, friends, and the millions of YouTube subscribers who supported him throughout his challenging journey with pancreatic cancer.

Recognized for his unwavering dedication to reptiles, wildlife, and education, Barczyk was more than just a guiding light for The Reptarium. 

The team, mourning his loss on Facebook, described him as an exceptional individual—a visionary, mentor, and friend whose impact transcended global boundaries. His absence has left an irreplaceable void for those privileged to work alongside him.

To honor Barczyk’s memory, the Barczyk family has organized a public memorial walk-through scheduled for Wednesday, January 17, at Heritage Church in Sterling Heights, located at 44625 Schoenherr Road. 

The memorial will take place from 1-3 pm, allowing the community to pay their respects. Expressing support for the family, people are encouraged to visit The Reptarium’s website, where they can leave heartfelt messages for the grieving loved ones.

Despite Barczyk’s passing, his legacy lives on in the expansion plans for The Reptarium. His team had been working on a 30,000-square-foot facility across the street named LegaSea Aquarium. 

Although no opening date has been disclosed, Barczyk, in his farewell video, expressed his deep desire to witness the grand opening. 

While acknowledging that he won’t be present for the event, he assured viewers that the essence of their messages and mission will endure.

The Reptarium team shared that Barczyk’s handprints will be symbolic at LegaSea’s opening, allowing visitors to connect with his spirit. 

Barczyk, in his farewell, urged followers to continue watching the Vlog, emphasizing that the messages will remain consistent even though his physical presence will be missed.

Source: redd.it

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