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Michigan Wolverines Football Team Schedules, Ranking & Latest News

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The Michigan Wolverines Football team has a long history of success. The team keeps lighting up the Michigan Stadium with wins and successes. 

The team has the most wins in college football history. It is a football team representing the University of Michigan in college football in the NCAA Division. 

Here’s the latest on the Michigan Wolverines Football team, schedules, preparation for the new season, and coach Harbaugh. Read on!

Latest Coaches Poll Top 25: Ohio And Alabama Behind Michigan In Preseason College Football Rankings

College football 2023 season is about to start, and fans can’t wait to return to Michigan Stadium, as always. The Coaches Poll in preseason ranking is also out. And this time, the poll comes with some surprises. 

We have new teams at the top of the poll for the first time in a long time. The Georgian Bulldogs climbed to the top of the poll, something they haven’t done since 2008. 

The 2023 college football season is about to begin, and with it comes the usual preseason rankings organized annually. 

The Coaches Poll was released recently, with Georgia Bulldogs, a two-time reigning national champion, leading. The Georgia Bulldogs ranked No. 1 but are not the only surprises. 

The Michigan Wolverines Football team, a two-time Big Ten reigning champion, took the No. 2 spot.   

Sitting in the third and fourth spots are Alabama and Ohio State, Michigan Wolverines’ fierce rivals. The Wolverines earned 1510 points in the preseason ranking, placing them 21 points ahead of third place Alabama and 25 points ahead of fourth place Ohio State. 

Michigan Wolverines second place ranking shows how much the team has improved. Unfortunately, the team failed to earn a first-place vote from the panel comprising coaches. 

For Alabama and Ohio, the story was different and mood-lifting. Alabama clinched four first-place votes, Wolverines had none, while Ohio State clinched one from the coaches that formed the panel.

LSU occupied the fifth position on the poll ranking, edging sixth-place USC. Pennsylvania State took No. 7, while Florida State and Clemson finished No. 8 and 9, respectively. 

Tennessee finished at No. 10, making it one of the teams to clinch the top 10 spots on the Coaches Polls. Finalist TCU occupied the 16th position after recording heavy losses to its NFL contributors.

Pac-12 champions, Utah, occupied No. 14 on the list. Utah has been a team to watch for many years. They clinched four division champions, all in the Pac-12 Conference’s South division. Utah knocked USC off the play-off,  

Tulane ranks at No. 23. However, the interesting thing is that Tulane is the only Group of Five team that made the list and started the year at No. 23. 

Sixty-six coaches voted in the polls. Check out the Coaches’ Polls results for preseason. See the ranking of each team and those that got first-place votes from the coaches. 

Positions Team Points First-Place Votes
1. Georgia 1643 61
2. Michigan 1510
3. Alabama 1489 4
4. Ohio 1485 1
5. LSU 1294
6. USC 1228
7. Penn. State  1181
8. Florida State 1145
9. Clemson 1078
10. Tennessee  991
11. Washington 941
12. Texas 848
13. Notre Dame 841
14. Utah 839
15. Oregon 820
16. TCU 655
17. Kansas State  440
18. Oregon State 365
19. Oklahoma 320
20. North Carolina 315
21. Wisconsin 309
22. Ole Miss 303
22. Tulane 225
24. Texas Tech 200
25. Texas A&M 196

Only Georgia, Alabama, and Ohio got first-place votes from the 66 coaches that formed the panel. Michigan Wolverines sitting in second place in the polls got zero first-place votes. Georgia clinched 61 first-place votes and sits comfortably in the first position. 

The season is yet to start, so it will be too early to start speculating. In no time, we shall see the teams that will stand out as the season progresses. 

You can see a massive difference in points scored between the team ranking No. 1, Georgia, and Michigan Wolverines. While Georgia pulled 1643 points, Michigan Wolverines Football pulled 1510 points. Georgia is ahead with a whopping 133 points.  

Michigan Wolverines Football Schedule: When Are The Games Starting?

Fans can’t wait to hit the stadiums and watch their teams play. Even the players cannot wait to return to the pitch and play their hearts out.

Preparations for the new season have gotten more intense than it was months and weeks ago. We are just a few days before the new season kicks off. 

The new season kicks off on September 2, 2023. And according to CBSSport, here are the schedules for the Michigan Wolverines. 

Follow the Michigan Wolverines Football Team schedules below to stay up-to-date. 

Games Time Stadium Date
1. Michigan Wolverines vs. East Carolina 12:00 pm Michigan Stadium September 2, 2023
2. Michigan Wolverines vs. UNLV 3:30 pm Michigan Stadium September 9, 2023
3. Michigan Wolverines vs. Bowling Green 7:30 pm Michigan Stadium September 16, 2023
4. Michigan Wolverines vs. Rutgers 12:00 pm Michigan Stadium September 23, 2023
5. Michigan Wolverines vs. Nebraska TBA Tom Osborn Field at Memorial Stadium September 30, 2023
6. Michigan Wolverines vs. Minnesota  TBA Huntington Bank Stadium  October 7, 2023
7. Michigan Wolverines vs. Indiana TBA Michigan Stadium  October 14, 2023
8. Michigan Wolverines vs. Michigan St. TBA Spartan Stadium October 21, 2023
9. Michigan Wolverines vs. Purdue TBA Michigan Stadium  November 4, 2023
10. Michigan Wolverines vs. Penn. State 12:00 pm Beaver Stadium November 11, 2023
11. Michigan Wolverines vs. Maryland TBA SEC Stadium November 18, 2023
12. Michigan Wolverines vs. Ohio State 12:00 Michigan Stadium November 25, 2023

You can see the Michigan Wolverines Football team’s schedule. Note the time, date, stadium, and teams the Wolverines play. 

How Prepared Are The Michigan Wolverines Football Team For The 2023 Season?  

New photos and videos of the Wolverines fall camp keeps flooding the internet lately. The photos and videos were directly from the team’s training camp. 

If the Wolverines fans were losing hope in the team, the photos and videos emerging from the team’s fall camp should provide a massive boost. 

The media content shows the team training. However, what caught the eyes of fans, critics, and the college football community is the Wolverines’ latest recruit, Myles Hinton. 

The 2023 season will be Hinton’s first year playing for the Michigan Wolverines, and the offensive tackle looks to be in solid form. He is looking well-motivated and ready to hit the ground running. 

Hinton’s teammates continue to speak highly of him. The latest to talk about the offensive tackle’s potential and the massive boost to the team is Briaden McGregor, a defensive end for the Michigan Wolverines. 

McGregor faces Hinton in practice, so he’s one of the right persons to speak about Myles Hinton’s huge potential. According to McGregor, “Hinton is huge and plays hard.”

Another player McGregor spoke highly about is LaDarius Henderson. He spoke highly of LaDarius (called LD by the Wolverines players) and how valuable he’ll be to the team. According to McGregor, LaDarius boasts great hands and feet. On top of that, he’s massively aggressive. 

Myles Hinton’s details are clearly spelled out on the Michigan Wolverines Football team’s official website. On the website, it states that Hinton weighs 340+ pounds and he’s 6-foot-6. 

Jim Harbaugh’s Suspension: What Is Happening?   

The 2023 offseason is yet to begin but has already been riddled with non-football-related news for the Maize and Blue. 

What happened?     

Over the summer, the NCAA’s massive push to suspend Jim Harbaugh, the Michigan Wolverines Football coach, was intense. The plan was to suspend Harbaugh for at least four games over an issue known as “Burgergate.” 

Just recently, Yahoo Sports reported that sources believe Jim Harbaugh is now free, though for the meantime. The NCAA has backed off and may likely not pursue the issue anytime soon.

So, Jim Harbaugh will be the one to coach the Michigan Wolverines Football team. Now the big question is, is Harbaugh a free man for the rest of his coaching career? Will the NCAA punish him in the future? 

The NCAA is likely only letting Harbaugh go for the 2023 season. He could face punishment in the 2024 season. 

Harbaugh’s case has purportedly taken a twist. Now, the case is centered on level 2 violations rather than the suspension-caliber level 1 punishment.


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