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Michigan Vs Arizona State Comparison: A Data-Driven Guide

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Michigan Vs Arizona state comparison is a tricky one. Why? Both states are unique and great in different aspects. Unfortunately, you can only pick one to relocate to. 

People consider several factors before relocating to a new area. These include cost of living, weather, taxes, housing cost, university ranking, security and more. Furthermore, to establish a business, you must consider the best place to form an LLC. 

About size, Arizona is bigger than Michigan. It is approximately 1.2 times the size of Michigan. While Michigan is 250,493 square kilometers, Arizona is 294,312 square kilometers. 

Here, we’ll be doing a detailed comparison of Michigan and Arizona State to help you decide without wasting much time. Read on!

Is It Cheap To Live In Arizona or Michigan?

Arizona is cheaper in some aspects, likewise Michigan. For instance, Arizona’s median housing cost is $413,000, while Michigan’s is $233,000. 

The table below shows Arizona vs. Michigan’s cost of living index comparisons. From the table, you can see the state that is cheaper for the different categories. Let’s dive in! 

Items Michigan Arizona
Median home cost $233,000 $413,000
Cost of renting (1 bedroom apartment in the downtown area) $1,107.04 $1,525.55
Cost of renting ( 1 bedroom apartment outside the city center) $934.45 $1,271.79
Basic meal plus drink (inexpensive restaurant) $15.48 $23.50
Fast food combo (McDonald’s or similar)   $8.84 $11.11
Domestic/local beer $4.66 $5.11
Bread (1 loaf) $2.78 $2.93
Milk (a liter)  $ 0.84  $0.88
Public transit pass (Monthly) $ 48.43 $60.89
Internet connection (50 Mbps or higher cables / DSL ) $64.13 $82.13
Preschool per child (monthly) $963.48 $989.40
Middle school per child (two semesters)  $16,333.3 $14,788.44

You can see the cost of renting a bedroom apartment in Michigan is more than in Arizona. In the aspect of public transit, Michigan is also cheaper. While monthly public transit costs $48.43 in Michigan, it costs $68.89 in Arizona. 

Sending one child to a middle school in Arizona is cheaper than in Michigan. While two semesters in middle school cost $14,788.44 in Arizona, it cost $16,333.33 in Michigan. 

Other areas in Michigan are cheaper than Arizona. You can decide which state has a lower cost of living from the table above. 

Is Arizona Hotter Than Michigan? 

On average, Arizona is hotter than Michigan across the year. While Arizona’s average temperature is 20°C/68°F, Michigan’s is 10°C/50°F

June is Arizona’s hottest month, with average maximum temperature reaching 38°C/100°F. So, it can get really warm in the state during this period. June, Arizona’s hottest month, is hotter than Michigan’s. 

Michigan’s hottest month is July, with the average maximum temperature reaching 29°C/84°F. So, if high temperature is a concern, Michigan will make a wise choice. Arizona is hotter than Michigan and can get uncomfortable as the weather gets warmer.   

Is Arizona Bigger Than Michigan?  

In terms of land mass, Arizona is bigger. It boasts an area of 295,234 square kilometers, 764,656 square miles. Michigan boasts an area of 250,487 square kilometers, 648,761 square miles.

In comparison, Arizona is 1.2 times bigger than Michigan. In other words, it is 44,747 square kilometers or 115,895 square miles bigger than Michigan. 

Does Arizona Have More Rains Than Michigan? 

On the contrary, Michigan has more rain than Arizona. Arizona’s average annual rainfall is 195 mm, while Michigan’s is 976 mm.  

July is the wettest month in Arizona, with 37 mm average monthly rainfall. Arizona’s wettest month is even drier than Michigan’s wettest month. August is Michigan’s wettest month and receives an average monthly rainfall of 107 mm. 

Is Michigan More Populated Than Arizona? 

Michigan is more populated than Arizona despite having a smaller land area. Michigan’s population in 2022 is 10,034,113 (a 0.03% decline from 2021), while Arizona’s is 7,359,197.

While Michigan’s population decreased slightly in 2022, Arizona’s population is increasing yearly. Arizona’s population has been increasing at a constant rate of 1.7 to 1.8 percent yearly. 

An LLC In Michigan or Arizona: Which Is Better? 

Form your LLC in your state or where you plan to conduct your business. That is one advice any professional who knows about forming an LLC will offer you. 

Why is it important to form your LLC where you reside or plan to conduct your business? First, filing the paperwork would be a breeze for you. And you’ll save money in the formation fees. 

If you’re outside the United States of America or within, and you’re thinking of where to form your LLC between Michigan and Arizona, you’ll find this section helpful.

To help you understand what establishing an LLC in Michigan or Arizona entails, we’ll provide details about the prices and features of both processes. Read on!

1: Prices involved in forming LLC in Michigan Vs Arizona: 

Michigan Arizona Country Average
Filing Fees $50 $50 $133
Renewal Fees $25 $0 $80
Renewal Periods (Annually)   1  0 1

You can handle the filing process for your LLC formation or hire a professional to help. Depending on the process, You can hire a lawyer or an accountant. 

Other platforms also render these sorts of services and might be cheaper. So, weigh your options and choose the most suitable for your budget. 

2: The features involved in forming an LLC in Michigan or Arizona:

The cost of filing an LLC is one of many things you have to consider. You must also consider the processes to decide the state that meets your filing needs. 

Here are the various features involved in LLC filing in Michigan and Arizona. 

Processes Involved Michigan State  Arizona State
Filing via mail option Yes Yes
Filing online option Yes Yes
Expedited filing option   No   Yes
Expedited filing fee No $85
Online approval time No   24 hours
Maximum corporate tax rate 6% 4.9%

A Handy Tip: Both state’s limited liability protection is similar. So, it’s down to the state you prefer based on filing procedures and fees. Your business type will also be crucial when deciding the ideal state to form your business. 

Arizona Vs Michigan State University: A Comparison

How good is Michigan State University compared to Arizona’s? Firstly, Michigan State University’s overall US News ranking is #108 out of 1740 globally. In the United States, it’s #41 out of 247 for 2023. 

For the Business stream, it ranks #36 out of 134 global ranking. In the United States of America, it ranks #22 out of 131 for the year 2023. 

Arizona State University’s ranking by QS is #179 out of 1401 globally. In the United States of America, it’s #39 out of 191 for the year 2024. 

Here is a table ranking universities in both states.  

Arizona Michigan
Ranking (Overall) # 165 US News 2023# 156 Times Higher Education 2023

# 179 QS World University 2024

# 108 US News 2023# 106 Times Higher Education 2023

# 136 QS World University 2024

Programs PG Programs -102UG Programs -60

Doctorate Programs -21

PG Programs -90UG Programs -148

Doctorate Programs -8

Subject Strength # 137 for Engineering by QS World University 2023# 156 for Law by Times Higher Education 2023

# 283 for Medicine by QS World University 2023

# 95 for Medicine by US News 2023# 106 for Engineering by Times Higher Education 2023

# 91 for Law by US News 2023

Acceptance Rate (%) 83.0 %   65.7%
Library  The 34th largest library in the United States and Canada. Over 4.5 million volumes of books and articles.  29th biggest academic library in North America. Boasts over 7 million volumes and 6.7 million microforms. 
Student: Faculty Ratio   20:1 17:1
Male: Female Ratio 57% male And 43% female 49% male And 51% female
Established  1885   1855
Cost To Study  Average Tuition Fees   $31200(For Undergraduate Program)

Average Tuition Fees   $25200

(Post Graduate Program)

Hostel + Meal – $17627 Per Year

Average Tuition Fees   $41492(For Undergraduate Program)

Average Tuition Fees   $28280

(Post Graduate Program)]

Hostel + Meal – $10676 Yearly

Application Requirements
  • LOR- 3 letters of recommendation
  • GPA- 3.53 (C+ grade)
  • SOP- Yes
  • Academic transcripts
  • 2-3 Essays
  • Resume
  • 2-3 LORs
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Standardized tests
  • Additional requirements (Interviews, Research proposals, and others).

Michigan Vs Arizona: How Safe Are Both States?  

Security is one of the important factors people consider before relocating. Everyone wants to be assured of their safety before deciding where is most suitable for them to relocate to. 

Michigan ranks 8th in states with the most violent crime rate in the United States. Violent crime rose slightly from 4.4 crimes per 1000 people to 4.8 – 5.0.

In 2023, the property crime rate also increased slightly. It rose from 13.6 to 13.8 per 1000 residents. 

Arizona looks to be a state seriously combating crime. It experienced the most decrease in violent crime rate and the second most decrease in property crime rates yearly. Most residents have explained that they have witnessed a decrease in other types of crimes in Arizona over the years. 

Arizona’s violent crime rate in 2023 is 2.6 crimes per 1,000 people, representing a 46% decrease year over year. Furthermore, the property crime rate is 14.4 crimes per 1,000 residents, representing a 35% decrease yearly. 

The national average for violent and property crimes is 4.0 and 19.3% respectively. So, Arizona’s violent and property crime rates are lower than the national average. 

Michigan’s violent crime rate is higher than the national average, and Michigan’s property crime rate is lower than the national average. 

Overall, Arizona is safer than Michigan, going by the 2023 security report of both states. But with the security measures Michigan has deployed recently, we may soon have a more secure Michigan. 

Michigan Vs Arizona: Unemployment Rate

Securing a job when one relocates to a new state or place is one of the most important things. With a job, you can pay your bills and cater to your family satisfactorily, if you have one. 

Even if you don’t have a family, securing a job when you relocate to a new area allows you to live your dream life. So, which state has a lower unemployment rate between Michigan and Arizona? Here is what we discovered in this comparison.    

Michigan’s unemployment rate for 2023 is 3.6%, ranked 37th in the country. Arizona’s unemployment rate is 3.6% and ranked 37th in the country. So, it’s a tie. Michigan and Arizona boast the same unemployment rates and ranking. 


This Michigan Vs Arizona State comparison shows the state is superior in terms of weather, university, security, unemployment, cost of living, and other aspects. 

You can read details of both states in each section to identify the state that meets your needs. For instance, in Arizona, the violent crime rate is 2.6 crimes per 1000 people, while Michigan’s is around 4.8 per 1000 people. 

Michigan leads in the aspect of property crime rates. While property crime in Michigan is 13.8 per 1000 residents, it’s 14.4 per 1000 residents in Michigan. 

For unemployment, both states boast a 3.6% unemployment rate and are ranked 37th. So, they are the same in both aspects. You can also compare Michigan and Arizona State Universities to know which is best for you.

A comparison of both state universities will be an eye-opener if you plan to acquire a degree in either state, whether undergraduate, master’s or postgraduate.

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