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Michigan Police Save Woman Stuck in Outhouse Toilet While Attempting to Retrieve Apple Watch

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On Tuesday, a woman found herself in a precarious situation in northern Michigan as she attempted to retrieve her Apple Watch from an outhouse toilet, ultimately requiring rescue. 

Although her identity remains undisclosed, the incident unfolded at the Department of Natural Resources boat launch on Dixon Lake in Otsego County’s Bagley Township, prompting a response from state police.

The woman, driven by the desire to recover her dropped Apple Watch, maneuvered herself into the tight confines of the outhouse toilet. However, her predicament took a distressing turn when she became trapped, compelling her to call out for assistance.

Promptly summoned, first responders acted swiftly. They removed the toilet and employed a strap to safely extract the woman from her uncomfortable predicament.

The incident underscores a critical safety message: attempting to enter an outhouse toilet to retrieve a lost item is strongly discouraged due to the potential for serious injury, as highlighted by the state police in their official statement.

As of Wednesday, it remains unclear whether the woman sustained any injuries during her ordeal or if her efforts were rewarded with the recovery of the Apple Watch. Bagley Township, where this unusual incident occurred, is situated approximately 240 miles northwest of Detroit.



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