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Is Donald Trump’s Hair Fake Or Real: The Truth Revealed

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Donald Trump’s hair is now a hot topic all over the internet. People have started asking hilarious questions like, “Is Donald Trump’s hair fake or real?”

Anyone who has seen Trump’s hair won’t be surprised at people calling it fake. His hair looks quite different from the norm. Even Biden’s supporters would agree that the current president has better hair than Trump’s.

Here, we’ll discuss all we know about Trump’s hair. Is it real, or is he wearing a wig, as many claims? Let’s reveal the truth.

Is Donald Trump’s Hair Fake or Real?

Trump’s hair is natural. He’s not wearing a wig or anything; that’s what the 45th president of the United States said. In addition, his doctor, Bornstein, has come out to defend his most popular patient. 

Dr. Bornstein claims Trump’s hair is real. He said, “Trump has his natural locks.” And there is no better person to know more about Trump’s hair than Dr. Bornstein, who has been treating him for the past 36 years. 

Why Do People Think Trump’s Hair Is Fake?

Being a public figure comes with a price. And that price is that you have to face public scrutiny now and then. Trump is also not making things easier for himself. He has made several political enemies over the years. His bluntness also makes it difficult to stay out of public scrutiny. 

So, why do people think Trump’s hair is unreal? 

An incident happened when the 45th president of the United States of America was boarding Air Force One. The back of his head was pictured, and people could see a bald patch.

This revelation made many believe Trump’s hair is unreal. But then, a revelation by Ivanka Trump should provide enough insight into why her dad’s head had a bald patch at the back. 

Ivanka Trump had previously revealed to her friends that her dad once had a scalp reduction surgery.

There is absolutely nothing attractive about Trump’s hair. He even reiterated that his hair isn’t the most attractive, and we entirely agree with him. 

But one thing people must understand is that Trump’s hair is real. His hair is firmly in place and authentic. He may have had scalp surgery, but that just doesn’t change the fact that he doesn’t wear a wig. 

Another massive revelation about Trump’s hair came from his doctor, Dr. Bornstein. Dr. Bornstein has been treating Donald Trump for over 36 years, so he should know much about the 45th president’s medical record. 

According to Dr. Bornstein, Donald Trump takes a small dose of Finasteride daily. The doctor himself also claims he takes the drug, just like Trump. Bornstein claims he takes the drug to maintain his flowing shoulder-length hair.   

Finasteride helps prevent the body’s dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from converting into a hormone responsible for causing male baldness. It helps to promote scalp hair growth while reducing hair loss.

Finasteride only promotes scalp hair growth in some men whose hair loss conditions cannot be treated by other means. It doesn’t promote body hair growth.    

A Handy Tip: Finasteride does not only prevent hair loss. It can regrow hair in most people. A study showed that 48% of participants who took the drug showed hair growth after a year. Furthermore, 66% of participants who took the drug reported hair growth after two years.  

Research and users’ testimonies show the drug is quite effective in what it was produced to do. But don’t expect to wake up one night to find that your hair has grown twice as thick. In addition, this drug cannot wake your hair from the dead but can slow down male pattern baldness. 

Donald Trump would have probably been bald without Finasteride or other treatment to reverse male baldness.  

What Donald Trump’s Former Hairstylist Revealed About His Hair

From Dr. Bornstein, and celebrity artists, many people have spoken about Donald Trump’s hair over the years. The 45th president’s hair seems to be one of the most controversial and talked about topics, and it seems people aren’t ready to quit talking about it anytime soon. 

Amy Lasch, Donald Trump’s ex-stylist, is the latest to reveal some key insight about the president’s hair. Here is a summary of that revelation. 

1: Trump’s hair is natural and pretty long:

If there is someone who can speak about the authenticity of Trump’s hair, it’s Amy Lasch. She’s Trump’s former hairstylist and has revealed something unique about the president’s hair. 

Amy claimed Trump’s hair is pretty long, which everyone can see. She also reveals he combs it backward, which is true. However, Trump’s hair isn’t something anyone would like to have. It might be long, but it isn’t thick, a reason it flies around when the wind blows. 

A Handy Tip: A look at Trump’s hair shows how much work the president, or the person taking care of his hair, puts into it every morning. It is a lot of work. 

2: Trump’s family could be responsible for cutting his hair, not a hairdresser:

Amy Lasch, who used to style Trump’s hair for “The Apprentice,” refused to accept that a hairdresser cuts the former president’s hair. She said, “When I viewed the back of Trump’s hair, it was obvious that a hairdresser couldn’t have been the one cutting his hair. It was just cut in a straight line.”

Amy Lasch believes the cut on Trump’s hair looked too unprofessional to claim a hairdresser did it. 

She thinks someone in Trump’s inner circle was cutting and coloring his hair. It could be his daughter or wife. 

Amy’s revelation about Trump’s inner circle cutting and coloring his hair wouldn’t have surprised many. Considering the growing list of haters and anti-Trump protests that have sprung up over the years, why would Trump want to hire an outsider to color or cut his hair?

3: The top of Trump’s hair is difficult to comb:

When hairstylists say they can’t comb the top of someone’s hair, it means they have tried all possible means but failed. Amy Lasch revealed how difficult it was for her to comb the top of Trump’s hair. 

What was the reason Amy couldn’t comb the 4th president’s hair when he featured in The Apprentice? She claimed the hair had been sprayed massively. It was as if he had emptied a full spray on it. She revealed that her comb bounced back whenever she tried to comb Trump’s hair, especially the top of his hair. 

Ivanka Trump’s Revelation On Donald Trump’s Scalp Reduction Surgery

Author Michael Wolff revealed that Ivanka Trump isn’t a fan of her dad’s hair. She often mocks his hair when speaking with her friends. 

In Wolff’s book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” the author revealed Trump’s hair was a product of scalp reduction surgery. Wolff also confirmed what Amy Lasch, former Trump’s hair stylist, said about how much spray goes into Trump’s hair. Wolff claimed the 45th president’s hair is held firmly in place by solid hairspray. 

A Handy Tip: Scalp reduction is also called alopecia reduction. In this process, surgeons remove the bald spot on a person’s head and have the more hirsute skin sewn back together. 

Wolff didn’t stop mentioning what Ivanka Trump told her friends about her father’s hair. He also claimed that the distinct color of Trump’s hair was due to his impatience. He claimed Trump dyed his hair with a cheap dye to eliminate the gray ones. 

Wolff’s novel seems to have some thought-provoking details about Donald Trump. He had unmatched access to the White House and conducted over 200 interviews in 18 months. 

Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-un at the Singapore summit generated massive reactions across social media platforms. Many termed it “the bad hair summit,” and some even claimed Trump and Kim signed a historic deal that would see both men exchange haircuts.   

Again, Trump knows his hair is the less attractive part of his body, but he doesn’t care what people think. He isn’t shy to publicly share his thoughts on national issues.  


Is Donald Trump’s hair fake or real? Trump’s hair is natural. He has had scalp reduction surgery, but that doesn’t mean he wears a wig or hairpiece. 

Trump is battling his hair loss issue and takes Finasteride to address the problem. Dr. Bornstein, Trump’s doctor for over 36 years, revealed this. 

Finasteride helps to prevent hair loss and boost hair growth. However, it only promotes scalp hair growth and doesn’t promote body hair growth. 

Trump has natural hair, but his hair isn’t the most attractive part of the business tycoon and 45th president’s body. However, the Trump we all know doesn’t care what people think about his hair. He only cares about his ambitions and would do anything humanly possible to achieve them.   

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