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Is Dearborn Michigan Safe? Moving Into A World Class Hometown

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Is Dearborn, Michigan, safe? This city is rich in culture and history and is widely recognized as the hometown of Henry Ford. You are visiting or relocating to Dearborn and wondering whether the city is safe.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the safety landscape of Dearborn. We will look at crime rates, community engagement, and measures implemented to ensure the safety of all individuals, encompassing both bustling thoroughfares and tranquil localities.

Join us on this experience to discover the truth about Dearborn, Michigan’s safety. Get insights to help you make confident decisions when you tour or relocate in this vibrant city.

Is Dearborn, Michigan Safe

Assessing the safety of Dearborn may not always be straightforward due to variations in the city’s safety statistics across different zones. Regardless, being aware of the city’s overall crime rate may be beneficial.

Dearborn exhibits a crime rate that is 5% lower in comparison to the national average. By examining these facts, you can arrive at a more informed conclusion regarding the suitability of Dearborn as a permanent residence.

Crime Rates In Dearborn, Michigan

Recent crime statistics indicate that Dearborn has experienced a 12.8% annual increase in crime rates. A yearly comparison of the number of crimes in Dearborn could provide insight into whether the city is becoming safer or more dangerous.

Crime rates are grouped into either property crime or murder rates. Although violent crimes have decreased by 13.7%, property crimes have increased by 18.1%. 

Are the Universities In Michigan, Dearborn Safe?

Crimes around the University of Michigan are divided into the following: significant crimes, women assaults, disciplinary actions, and possession arrests.

Arrests have resulted from criminal offenses, including homicide, robbery, rape, severe assault, and arson. Women’s assaults include domestic violence, date rape, and harassment. 

Possession-related arrests include carrying a weapon, consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, or felony drug use. 

Disciplinary actions include gun ownership, drinking, and substance violations that did not result in an arrest but prompted some form of consequence.

Rarely does a school go an entire day without an incident occurring in any of these areas. Despite the positive aspect of no reported offenses, it does not invariably imply that the school is safer.

It might imply that the news was unfavorable, and the school didn’t want to report it. Conversely, a high volume of incidents may indicate that the educational institution has a more stringent reporting and legal compliance policy than other establishments.

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Security Measures for Students at the University of Michigan-Dearborn

It is the mission of the University of Michigan-Dearborn to educate students and staff in crime prevention and emergency response.

The Department of Public Safety can provide individuals with training and information regarding reporting crimes, identifying and avoiding dangerous situations, and responding appropriately in an emergency.

Students can actively contribute to campus safety by adhering to the set guidelines.

The University provides many tools and services to ensure students feel safe and secure at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. 

The Department of Public Safety’s is always available via a provided hotline or any school emergency phone 24/7.

In this school, there are security personnel who have received specialized training and are consistently prepared to assist in the event of an emergency.

For students who may feel unsafe while traversing the University of Michigan-Dearborn campus alone during the night, a 24-hour helpline is additionally accessible. 

This program and the safety guards of the Department of Public Safety ensure that students are always secure on campus, even during late hours.

Generally, the University of Michigan-Dearborn provides an extensive selection of safety tools and services to ensure the well-being of its students.

This institution offers a 24-hour helpline, well-trained security personnel, late-night transportation, and crime prevention classes, all contributing to the student’s sense of security.

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Potential Causes for Crime in Dearborn

The most recent crime statistics indicate that Dearborn exhibits a crime rate that is 5.2% lower in comparison to the national average. The two distinct classifications of criminal activity are violence and property.

Assault, robbery, murder, and rape are all instances of violent offenses. Burglary, theft, and vehicle theft are all examples of property offenses.

There were 302 reported violent crimes in Dearborn, or 282 per 100,000 residents. The national rate is 23.8% higher than this value. 

Additionally, 2059 property crimes occurred, or 1921 per 100,000 individuals, 1.7% less than the national average.

The cost of living in Dearborn is 5.87% lower than the national average. Residents may find a high cost of living particularly burdensome, particularly those already struggling to meet their basic needs.

When costs are excessive, it can be difficult for individuals to afford necessities such as housing, food, energy, and medical care.

To survive, some individuals may resort to theft or deception. Conversely, a city with a lower cost of living might experience less economic strain, potentially resulting in reduced crime rates.

The average monthly rent in Dearborn amounts to $1,019, surpassing the national average of $949. A rapid increase in housing prices may necessitate extensive relocation in search of more affordable dwellings, potentially compromising the community’s stability.

This alteration may adversely affect neighborhood relationships and impede the formation of social support networks, potentially contributing to increased criminal activity.

As a result of attracting long-term landlords and fostering social connections, areas with higher per capita income and lower rents experience a gradual decline in crime rates.

In Dearborn, 77.9% of residents have completed secondary school, which falls short of the national average of 83%. The proportion of educated residents in a given area can significantly impact crime rates.

Greater education generally correlates with reduced crime rates, providing individuals with more viable employment opportunities and alternatives to engaging in unlawful activities. 

Conversely, communities characterized by lower levels of education frequently exhibit elevated crime rates due to the limited alternatives. Individuals may be more inclined to engage in unlawful activities when such options are scarce.

Straying Safe At Home in Dearborn, Michigan

Whether you own or rent a residence, you must ensure it’s safe from intruders. One can ensure the safety of their residence from potential dangers by adhering to appropriate security procedures and measures.

As a renter or homeowner, you can take numerous precautions against these common offenses and reduce the chances of break-ins.

There are many methods to ensure the security of your home, but the most effective is to adhere to fundamental safety regulations. 

Thefts might opt for a less desirable target if you take the necessary precautions and reduce the allure of your residence.

Although these recommendations will aid in preventing property offenses, they are not the only ones. Always remember that while it requires effort, it is always worthwhile to secure your property.

a. Fence Your Home

Having a fence around your property will prevent unauthorized access. Restrict access to your property until you have erected a sufficiently lofty and sturdy wall. You can always construct one if you do not already have a fence to protect your property. 

If one prefers not to construct a fence themselves, a security company is available to provide the necessary maintenance. 

They will travel to your residence and build a sturdy, towering fence around your property. It will require an investment, but it will be well worth it if it aids in the protection of your property.

b. Have Quality Security Equipment

Strong security systems are among the most effective methods of protecting one’s residence from intruders. Examples include security lamps, door and window locks, and alarm systems.

Existing homeowners receive complimentary installation of their security system from the manufacturer. Inquire with your real estate agent regarding the existing security systems if you are contemplating the purchase of a new residence. 

If you are renting, talk to the owner about installing a security system should you be renting and desire an increased sense of safety. 

c. Have a Surveillance System

Installing an electronic security system can aid in preventing vandalism and home invasions. Visual surveillance systems comprise cameras that enable users to observe activities occurring within their residences.

Whenever possible, maintain vigilance over your security cameras if you possess any. You can determine whether an intruder is attempting to enter your home or a stranger is approaching. 

You can also receive real-time updates and notifications on your mobile device. Remember that a stable internet connection is required to receive alerts from your security system. 

If you are experiencing difficulties receiving alerts, you may want to consider improving your internet connection.

d. Exercise Awareness

Installing visual detection is an excellent method to deter intruders from entering a residence. This means that the surroundings of your land should always be visible. Here’s how you can increase awareness;

Leave the exterior lighting on. Burglars always avoid well-lit homes because they make them more visible. This means that you may contact the police for assistance in frightening away any individuals who observe you on or near their property. 

Closing your garage. This will prevent unauthorized access to the tools and equipment stored in your garage. These are items that intruders frequently look out for before attempting a break-in.

Basic Personal Safety

These recommendations, put forth by the appropriate individuals, are applicable irrespective of one’s location. These measures could potentially reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of crime.  

Increasing your awareness of crime prevention tips will help you avoid being a victim, and they include;

  • The greatest person to ensure your safety is yourself
  • Keep the house doors shut at all times
  • Avoid lifts from strangers
  • Avoid opening the first-floor windows
  • Adhere to well-lit pathways while maintaining a safe distance from the roadway
  • Avoid entering unlit alleyways, front entrances, and bushes, as these areas may conceal someone


Is Dearborn Michigan state? There are still concerns regarding safety among those who wish to reside in or visit Dearborn, Michigan. However, it is essential to note that the neighborhood remains a welcoming and secure environment.

Dearborn continues cultivating an environment conducive to success and guest confidence by emphasizing safety in every facet, including ongoing projects, community engagement, and police operations. 

Therefore, whether you are considering a visit or a permanent residence, be aware that Dearborn, Michigan, is among the most welcoming and secure municipalities in the Great Lakes state.

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