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Inquiry Concludes Pilot Error As The Root Cause Of 2021 Michigan Plane Crash Claiming 4 Lives

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A tragic plane crash in 2021 on a Michigan island that claimed the lives of four individuals was determined to be the result of a pilot’s error during landing, according to federal investigators.

The National Transportation Safety Board, responsible for investigating the November 13, 2021 incident on Beaver Island, released a report on Thursday outlining their findings. 

The report stated that the pilot lost control of the aircraft while attempting to land, leading to a crash 300 feet (91 meters) from the airport’s runway.

As the plane approached the airport, witnesses observed it flying at a slow speed and exhibiting unstable flight, resembling a lack of control. 

The NTSB report explained that during the final approach, the pilot exceeded the critical angle of attack for the aircraft, resulting in an aerodynamic stall and loss of control at an altitude too low to recover.

Tragically, the crash claimed the lives of the pilot and three other passengers, but miraculously, a young girl survived the ordeal.

The pilot was employed by Island Airways, a company specializing in transporting travelers between Beaver Island in northern Lake Michigan and Michigan’s northern Lower Peninsula.

Source: wwmt.com

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