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How Much Does Walmart Pay In Michigan? Your Guide

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Walmart is one of the largest retail corporations in the world, known for its wide range of products and affordable prices. 

As an employer, Walmart hires many employees across various states, including Michigan. 

Today, we’ll focus on Michigan and try to answer the question, How much does Walmart pay in Michigan? 

For jobseekers seeking to join the company and individuals seeking to compare wages in the retail industry, understanding the pay scale at Walmart can be beneficial. Let’s start the discussion by answering the question,

How Much Does Walmart Pay In Michigan?

In Michigan, the average salary at Walmart is $31,804. Salaries at Walmart in Michigan can range from $17,000 to $56,000 per year. 

Compared to the national average salary at Walmart, which is $31,616, Michigan-based employees receive higher pay. The highest-paying position at Walmart in Michigan is the principal software engineer role, with an average annual salary of $154,965.

Highest Paying Jobs At Walmart In Michigan

Finding a high-paying job is always a top priority for job seekers. If you’re based in Michigan and looking for lucrative job opportunities, Walmart might be a surprising option. 

As one of the biggest retailers in the world, Walmart offers a wide range of positions across different departments. 

And many of these positions come with competitive salaries. Here are some of the highest-paying jobs at Walmart in Michigan.

Rank Job Title Average Salary Hourly Wage Title Description
1 Principal Software Engineer $154,965 $75 Lead software development projects and manage teams.
2 Senior Software Engineer Manager $150,162 $72 Oversee software engineering teams and projects.
3 Staff Software Engineer $137,087 $66 Develop and maintain software applications.
4 Staff Pharmacist $129,304 $62 Dispense medications and provide pharmaceutical care.
5 Pharmacist $128,541 $62 Prepare and dispense medications and offer health advice.
6 Senior Java Developer $119,419 $57 Develop and maintain Java-based applications.
7 Senior Data Scientist $119,319 $57 Analyze and interpret complex data to inform decisions.
8 Senior Systems Engineer $118,677 $57 Design and maintain complex computer systems.
9 Co-Manager $118,131 $57 Assist store manager in operations and staff management.
10 Senior Software Engineer $118,021 $57 Design, develop, and enhance software applications.

Top 10 Walmart Highest Paying Cities In Michigan

For those seeking competitive wages, knowing which cities in Michigan offer the highest pay rates is important. These include:

Rank City Average Salary Hourly Wage
1 Sandusky, MI $32,155 $15
2 Caro, MI $32,130 $15
3 Bad Axe, MI $32,113 $15
4 Sterling Heights, MI $32,021 $15
5 Roseville, MI $31,998 $15
6 Warren, MI $31,998 $15
7 Troy, MI $31,998 $15
8 Southfield, MI $31,994 $15
9 Saginaw, MI $31,970 $15
10 White Lake, MI $31,965 $15

Walmart Competitors Salaries In Michigan

When it comes to retail giants like Walmart, one of the key factors that determine their success is the ability to attract and retain top talent. But how do the salaries of Walmart’s competitors in Michigan compare? 

Whether you’re a job seeker looking for the best-paying opportunities or a company looking to stay competitive, understanding the salary landscape can provide valuable insights.

Rank Company Average Salary Hourly Wage Company Description
1 Best Buy $154,965 $74 Electronics Retailer
2 Rite Aid $36,265 $17 Pharmacy and Retail
3 Target $35,273 $17 Retail General Merchandise
4 Costco Wholesale $35,173 $17 Wholesale Club Retail
5 The Home Depot $32,137 $15 Home Improvement Retail
6 Dollar General $31,850 $15 Discount Retail
7 Sears Holdings $31,766 $15 Department Stores
8 Walgreens $31,569 $15 Pharmacy Retail
9 Publix $30,889 $15 Grocery Retail
10 Lowe’s Companies $30,702 $15 Home Improvement Retail

Walmart Employees Benefits 

Insurance – Walmart offers a comprehensive insurance package to its employees, which includes dental insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, vision insurance, AD&D insurance, life insurance, and prescription drug insurance.

Work flexibility – 99% of employee reviews regarding this perk have been overwhelmingly positive. Walmart employees can work from home, providing a more convenient and flexible work environment. 

Additionally, Walmart offers a flexible schedule for its employees, which means employees can adjust their work hours to fit their personal needs and commitments.

Leave – Walmart offers various types of leave and paid time off. You can take bereavement leave and time off to grieve and attend to family matters in the event of a death in the family. 

Military leave is also provided to support employees called to serve their country. Additionally, Walmart offers family and parental leave, as they recognize the importance of work-life balance. 

Paid time off is available for general use, with the added benefit of unlimited paid time off for certain positions. Employees are compensated for jury duty.

10% discount on Walmart store – At Walmart, associates and their family members can take advantage of a 10% discount on general merchandise and fresh fruits and vegetables. This discount is applicable at any Walmart store. Additionally, if associates are employed at Sam’s Club, they will receive a complimentary Sam’s Club Plus membership, which is valued at $100 per year.

Childcare – New birth moms will get 16 weeks of paid time off to take good care of their young ones. Walmart also recognizes the importance of parental bonding for all parents, new dads, non-birth moms, and adoptive parents. 

These individuals are offered a full six weeks of paid parental leave. Additionally, Walmart also offers a $5,000 adoption benefit.

Financial perk – Working at Walmart in Michigan offers a range of financial perks that make it an attractive option for job seekers. One of the key financial benefits is the bonus pay, which rewards employees for their hard work and dedication. 

In addition, employees can enjoy a fuel discount, making it more affordable to commute to work. Walmart also offers commuter assistance and relocation assistance. 

Performance bonuses are provided to employees who meet or exceed their performance goals, further incentivizing them to excel in their roles. Additionally, employees can take advantage of a discount on Walmart products, saving 10% on everyday essentials. 

Walmart also offers quarterly bonuses, stock options, yearly bonuses, stock purchase plans, and monthly bonuses, giving employees multiple opportunities to earn additional income and invest in their future.

Reimbursement – Walmart offers tuition reimbursement as an employee benefit. This program aids associates in pursuing higher education and skill development. Upon meeting eligibility criteria, Walmart covers a percentage of tuition costs.

Retirement – Walmart provides a comprehensive retirement plan for its employees. Through the 401(k) program, eligible associates can save for their post-work years with the option to contribute a portion of their salary, often matched by Walmart up to a certain percentage.

How Do You Get A Salary Raise At Walmart Michigan?

Earning a salary raise at Walmart in Michigan involves factors and proactive steps. First, familiarize yourself with the company’s performance evaluation cycles, usually conducted annually or biannually. 

During these periods, your job performance is assessed based on various criteria, such as productivity, teamwork, and customer service.

Consistently showcasing exceptional performance is crucial. Be diligent in your tasks, meet or exceed targets, and maintain a positive attitude towards your responsibilities. 

Active participation in team activities and a willingness to take on additional responsibilities can also be significant in getting noticed.

Engage in open communication with your supervisor. Regularly discuss your progress, accomplishments, and goals. Express your interest in career growth within the company and inquire about opportunities for advancement. 

Demonstrating your commitment to personal and professional development can indicate your readiness for a salary increase.

Moreover, consider taking advantage of any training or upskilling programs Walmart offers. Acquiring new skills can improve your performance and showcase your dedication to self-improvement and value to the company.

Networking within the workplace can also be beneficial. Building positive relationships with colleagues and supervisors can create advocates for your performance during compensation discussions.

What Is Walmart Starting Pay In Michigan?

Walmart has announced an increase in its minimum wage for store employees to $14 per hour, which equates to approximately a 17% increase for those in shelf-stocking and customer service roles. 

The revised pay structure took effect in early March 2023. This means that employees at Walmart stores in Michigan are earning between $14 and $19 an hour. 

This wage adjustment is part of Walmart’s ongoing efforts to enhance employee compensation and job satisfaction. 

By offering a higher starting pay in Michigan, Walmart aims to attract and retain a motivated workforce while also acknowledging the importance of competitive wages in ensuring the well-being of its employees.


Walmart’s pay structure in Michigan reflects its commitment to providing competitive wages that acknowledge the contributions of its diverse workforce. 

The compensation varies based on job roles and responsibilities, with entry-level positions typically starting at a $ 14 hourly rate and more specialized roles commanding higher pay of up to $75.

You should, however, note that Walmart often revisits its compensation policies to ensure it remains competitive within the industry and region, and the data we have provided may not be up to date 12 months later. Be sure to check for more recent salaries on Walmart’s website.

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