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How Much Do CNAs Make In Michigan? CNA Salary Revealed

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The question, “how much do CNAs make in Michigan” is crucial for CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants) looking to relocate to the Great Lake State. 

CNAs provide primary care and assist patients with activities of daily living. Most CNAs work in nursing and residential care facilities, including hospitals. 

Here, we will discuss the salaries of certified nursing assistants, how to become a CNA in Michigan, and more. Let’s get to it right away. 

How Much Do CNAs Make In Michigan?

A certified nursing assistant’s average salary in Michigan is $39,000 per annum. Per hour, CNAs make $18.75. 

The salary for Entry-level-certified nursing assistants in Michigan is $33,150 annually, while the ones with experience earn far more. If you’re an experienced CNA in Michigan, your annual salary could be as high as $49,871 yearly.   

In addition to the salary, a certified nursing assistant may earn additional pay. These could include profit sharing, commission, tips, and cash bonuses. Again, the possibility of receiving such additional pay hinges on the organization you’re working for.    

A Handy Tip: CNAs are entitled to overtime pay, regardless of experience or training. Overtime payment is made on all hours worked over 40 in a workweek. In Michigan, the general rule is that payment is made for the extra hours worked at 1.5 times the regular pay.  

CNAs’ average salaries have increased by 11 percent since 2016. In addition, the number of jobs for CNAs in Michigan has also experienced a slight increase. It rose by 0.08 percent over the same period. 

Who Is A CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant)

The nursing assistants hold a vital position in every hospital setting. They play a crucial role in patients’ care process. 

While the position of a CNA is considered entry-level, it serves as a stepping stone to other higher positions in the industry. These include healthcare management and nursing. 

CNA means “certified nursing assistant. They render assistants to patients and nurses. They provide basic care to patients under a Registered Nurse’s (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) supervision. 

CNAs hold vital positions, not only in their place of work but in the country in general. They are the backbone of the American healthcare system.  

Furthermore, the short certification process makes becoming a CNA a great option for people interested in building their careers in the healthcare sector. You can delve into the nursing field and grow there.

What Do CNAs in Michigan Do?

CNAs are employed in every state, not only in Michigan. They also perform clearly defined duties. Check them out below. 

  • Turn and position patients
  • Gather supplies for the registered nurse or medical doctor. 
  • Check and chart the vital signs of patients
  • Help in dressing patient’s wound
  • Dress, bath, and feed patients
  • Measure and record the patient’s food and liquid intake
  • Answer patient’s calls and bells. 
  • Assist with medical procedures
  • Prepare patients’ rooms for admission 
  • Clean rooms and bedlines
  • Help transport patients
  • Groom patients by brushing their hair and teeth, shaving them, etc
  • Safety procedures 

The responsibilities of certified nursing assistants may vary from one hospital to another, but their major responsibility remains the same everywhere. CNAs’ primary responsibility is ensuring that patients are safe and well-cared for throughout their stay in the hospital. 

You can see the various important roles they perform. They help keep patients clean, shaved, fed, and safe. CNAs also ensure patients have the necessary supplies. 

A Handy Tip: In 2018, there were 1,469,926 certified registered nurses in the United States of America. In 2020, the total CNAs in the country was 1,433,516, showing an average annual growth of -2.48 percent.

Where Do CNAs Work In Michigan?

Here are the most popular places you’ll find CNAs working. 

  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Hospitals (both state and local)
  • Adult daycare centers
  • Long-term residential facilities
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Rehabilitation centers

Hardly will you find CNAs working in office, outpatient, or clinic settings. However, in these facilities, nursing assistants serve as liaisons between patients and nurses.  

How Do You Become A CAN in Michigan?

Becoming a CNA is the easiest way to delve into the nursing field. Unlike several nursing professions, you don’t need a bachelor’s or master’s degree to kick-start your CNA career.

What do you need to become a nursing assistant? You’re good to go if you have a high school diploma or equivalent. 

The only major worry for any prospective nursing assistant is the numerous rigorous tests one has to write. The profession demands that you show you’re proficient in several critical areas. These include hygiene, patient care, ethics, technical clinical skills, privacy, and others. 

Most people may wonder how CNAs are tested, with no education requirement, such as a bachelor’s or master’s degree. How will they answer questions about patient care, ethics, privacy, and others?

You don’t need any higher educational qualifications or exposure to answer these questions. There are training programs organized in several states.

The exciting thing about these programs is that you can complete them within four to eight weeks. So, you don’t necessarily require a degree to be a CNA.

Most states allow certified nursing assistants to join professional training programs with a high school diploma or if they have attended a high school CNA program. 

CNA is an attractive program for individuals studying or interested in having a degree in nursing. However, the fact that the educational requirements are minimal doesn’t mean CNAs aren’t rigorously tested or held to a high standard. 

On the contrary, CNAs must face a challenging written and hands-on examination to qualify for the role. The exams are rugged and designed to test aspiring CNAs’ competence. Nursing assistants can only bag their certificates if they pass the various tests. 

 A Handy Tip: The CNA examinations are administered at the state level. And the implication of this is that the rules and regulations vary based on one’s location. 

Here is all you need to know about becoming a CNA in Michigan.

  • The state’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) oversees CNA certification in Michigan. 
  • There’s no specific age requirement to join the CNA training program. However, most employers in Michigan prefer to employ CNAs who are at least 18 years old and abide by special laws in the land. But some still hire 16-17 year olds.     
  • You don’t need to have a high school diploma or GED to start building your career as a certified nursing assistant. However, some training programs do. 
  • You’ll require a social security card or ITIN (if you’re not a US resident. Note that some schools may require your vaccination records, TB test, physical, and other records before offering admission into the training program.  
  • You need to pass a compulsory criminal background check. In addition, you need to get your fingerprinted and note that felonies or misdemeanors for the past five years can land you in trouble. It will end your dream of becoming a CNA.

What Qualities Should CNAs in Michigan Possess?

Whether in Michigan or other states, the qualities required of CNAs are the same. As a nursing assistant, interpersonal skills are a must-have. You’ll interact with patients occasionally and need to be a good communicator. 

Another soft skill certified nursing assistants must possess is empathy to succeed in this profession. Here are other qualities or skills CNAs are expected to have.

  • Attention to detail
  • Team player 
  • Empathy
  • Accountability
  • Reliability 
  • Flexibility
  • Physical strength
  • Time management
  • Excellent communicator
  • Compassion and patience
  • Sound knowledge of medical terminologies

CNAs are expected to have good bedside manners. In addition, being physically strong can help you withstand the high demands and stress of the job. 

How Much Does CNA Test Cost In Michigan?

The CNA test in Michigan costs $125. Another exciting thing is that a retake also costs the same amount. 

An important fact to keep in mind when taking the CNA test is that you’re only allowed three attempts. You will be asked to retake the CNA course if you fail all three tries. 


How much do CNAs make in Michigan? Nursing assistants make an average annual salary of $39,000. Per hour, they make $18.75. 

Entry-level CNAs without experience make an average of $33,150 per annum. Those who have experience earn an average of $49 871 per annum.

Becoming a certified nursing assistant is essential for anyone who desires to enter nursing or healthcare management. It is an entry-level position, though held at high standards. 

CNAs’ primary responsibilities include ensuring that patients are safe and well-cared for. They prepare the bed for admission, shave patients’ hair, and monitor patients’ vitals, assist RNs and MDs, etc.  

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