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How Many Days Since Ohio State Beat Michigan? The State Rivalry

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How many days since Ohio State beat Michigan? This question holds significant relevance in the realm of collegiate athletics due to the illustrious rivalry that exists between these two formidable institutions.

The last time Michigan won a national championship was in 1997, over 25 years ago. Michigan had won the majority of national championships before the poll era began in 1936, 

As time passes, their anticipation for the upcoming football match grows, as it signifies the stakes of conference supremacy and bragging rights. 

Join us as we explore the history, intensity, and excitement surrounding this storied matchup between Ohio State and Michigan.

How Many Days Since Ohio State Beat Michigan?

As of today, it has been 1521 days since Ohio State beat Michigan. This pivotal moment heightens the rivalry between the two preeminent collegiate football programs, generating even greater anticipation among supporters for their upcoming match. 

With each passing day, fans eagerly await the renewal of this storied rivalry. It’s more of bragging rights for Michigan, while Ohio seeks to redeem itself.

Michigan Beats Ohio, Starting A Winning Streak

Jim Harbaugh has not been involved in collegiate football since the emergence of Connor Stallions.

A convoluted sign-stealing scandal nearly derailed Michigan’s most promising national championship bid since 1997. His absence from The Game has significantly diminished the reputation of a program that has frequently endeavored to surpass its rivals in the industry.

Ohio State, which skipped the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, suffered its first loss to Michigan since 2011 on November 27 in Ann Arbor. The final score was 42–27.

Ohio State is trailing Michigan to a head-to-head record of 59-51-6. The Ohio State Buckeyes have defeated the Michigan Wolverines 15 times in their last seventeen contests.

Following a challenging beginning to a 2-4 season, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines realized something was amiss.

Since Harbaugh assumed coaching in 2015, Michigan has failed to win the Big Ten, reach ten victories, or defeat Ohio State. 

The Ohio State Buckeyes, who finished second nationally in 2020, were proceeding precisely in the opposite trajectory as Michigan. Michigan experienced one of its worst seasons ever.

Michigan retained Harbaugh on a “prove it” basis even though some of their most vocal supporters nationwide were highly critical. It was more of a pact that read, “Lol, good luck; you’re out if you don’t defeat Ohio State this season.”

Perhaps athletic director Warde Manuel believed that his former acquaintance could assist the team in regaining momentum with one more hit. 

It is possible that the incentive-laden contract was merely a pretense to delay a severe coaching search until the following year.

In the 2021 season, Michigan comfortably defeated Western Michigan. They then demonstrated to the world that the Big House was more than a tennis court in their match against Washington. 

A nail-biting bout against Rutgers returned supporters to reality following a 53-point victory over Northern Illinois. The subsequent week, Michigan defeated Wisconsin, marking its first victory in Madison since 2001.

Many individuals within the program eagerly anticipated the return of their head coach for one of the few decisive games. Legal actions ensued, and a verbal battle revolved around various discussion topics contingent upon one’s side in the game.

Pundits pondered the Wolverines’ reaction to the absence of their leader during critical moments against the formidable team that cloaked itself in scarlet and gray.

Sherrie Moore, the acting head coach, stated following the game, “You speak about The Team, The Team, The Team, but Team 144 is the ideal team. I believe that this team has demonstrated that they are the finest in the nation every week.”

The Ohio State Buckeyes and the Michigan Wolverines failed to convert their initial three-and-out opportunities. Nonetheless, as they traded scores down the stretch, their nerves subsided. 

Significantly more long drives occurred in opposition to the nation’s two most proficient statistical teams and extensively recruited playmakers delivered crucial touchdowns. 

Michigan Was Just Too Good For Ohio State

There weren’t as many huge plays down the field as last year’s victory in Columbus. Quarterback J.J. McCarthy performed admirably, throwing for 148 yards and a touchdown on 16 completions. 

He was the first quarterback to guide the team to consecutive victories against the Buckeyes since 1990-1991.

Additionally, the team’s ability to advance the ball down the field depended heavily on the dual-threat’s robust leg strength. He amassed 17 yards on the ground and a few first downs without being sack-targeted.

Coach Ryan Day of Ohio State stated, “It’s difficult to convey; I’m sick. We are all extremely disappointed. 

We recognize that this game holds great significance for many individuals; therefore, any loss would be crushing. Having spent the entire year preparing for this game, you know it’s critical for Ohio State. The locker room is devastated.”

Will The Trend Change?

How do Ohio and Michigan compare? For Ohio State supporters under 40, the matchup against Michigan has been unjust. Since that renowned Jim Tressel quote, Ohio State has officially held That Team Up North to a record of 17-4 (16-4).

The startling nature of the past two years is self-evident. Despite suffering two agonizing defeats, those were two of Ohio State’s worst campaigns since the turn of the millennium. 

Ohio State made a national championship run in 2021 and 2022. Despite failing to demolish Ohio State, Michigan did secure the Heisman Trophy from C.J. Stroud last season.

Losing a game sure hurts. Now imagine losing back-to-back games to your rival. Every year, the teams talk, and Ryan Day’s squad has reiterated that this competition is critical to its success. However, they still fell again. 

This year feels unlike any other. A close-knit atmosphere pervades both performances and The Game. The current discourse and the widespread perception that Ohio State is tired of being labeled “soft” renders this next edition the most exciting controversy in recent history.

Ohio State’s most effective defense against Michigan would be to impede the Wolverines’ ability to alter their strategy. 

The foundation of the Wolverines’ strategy is rushing the ball. Notwithstanding Michigan’s strategy, the rush attack is vitally essential. Michigan’s top two rushing backs are Blake Corum and Donovan Edwards, averaging 4.4 yards *per carry.

Under John Cooper’s leadership, the Buckeyes had not lost three consecutive games in this rivalry from 1995 to 1997. 

A period in which the Wolverines routinely dashed the school’s prospects of claiming the national championship. Cooper compiled a 2-10-1 record against Michigan throughout his Hall of Fame tenure.

As a result of what Sherrone Moore termed a lower leg injury, Johnson missed most of the second half for the Wolverines. Fourth-quarter absences also included All-American guard Zak Zinter.

Zinter was unable to remain on the court in the third quarter due to a severe injury to his left leg. Following that, Corum ran for a lengthy touchdown.

What Next For Michigan Wolverines?

Nationally, the Michigan Wolverines are among the most renowned and formidable collegiate football programs. They seek to establish a new program record by competing in the national championship game.

The Washington Huskies hosted the Michigan Wolverines in Houston for the College Football Playoff national championship game. This followed their Rose Bowl victory over the Alabama Crimson Tide.

This season, Michigan set a new record as the first collegiate football team to accumulate 1,000 victories—the Wolverines rank among the top ten teams in the number of national championships they have attained.

However, when they faced the Huskies, the Wolverines still had an opportunity to win a national championship game. 

A glance at Michigan’s 144-year history demonstrates how the team could potentially make history. And they made history indeed.

Michigan Wolverines Had Eyes Set on National Championships

The last two quarterfinals of the College Football Playoffs featured four teams each, and the outcomes were quite thrilling. This contributed to Houston hosting an exciting national championship contest.

Despite Michigan’s early advantage in the first game, Alabama appeared to have the upper edge until the Wolverines rallied for overtime. 

Blake Corum’s extra-time touchdown certified Michigan’s victory and prevented the SEC from reaching the championship game since 2014.

Michigan is in first place due to their perfect record in Big Ten play. It includes victories against Ohio State and Iowa in their last two contests. 

This is the third consecutive appearance for the Wolverines since coach Jim Harbaugh returned from two three-game suspensions. They are on the top spot in the US LBM Coaches Poll since December 8, 1997, 

Washington and Michigan will now vie for the top spot. Which team has the advantage? The Wolverines had the last laugh as they boast an outstanding running offense and a strong defense. They won the championship 34-13.


How many days since Ohio State beat Michigan? With over 1521 days and counting, anticipation for the next chapter in this storied rivalry mounts. This renowned rivalry remains as intense and vibrant as ever.

Corum scored from the 1-yard line with 3:37 remaining to give Michigan a 21-point lead and ignite “The Victors'” continued frenzy. The Wolverines had not won a national championship since 1997.

Harbaugh led a struggling powerhouse to the championship that many had anticipated in 2015. He did it despite having suffered six regular-season setbacks due to various suspensions. Ohio has a mountain to climb to beat the reigning champion.

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