Two Midwestern gems, Wisconsin and Michigan, sit close on the map. Wisconsin lies to the west of the Great Lakes region. Michigan sits to the east.

How close are these states, and what lies between them? Let’s explore the landscape and measure the distance.

Natural Border: The Divide Of Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan acts as a natural divider between the two states. With waves touching both shores, it connects Wisconsin and Michigan in a unique way.

  • Wisconsin’s eastern border gazes over this Great Lake.
  • Michigan’s west coast mirrors this, embracing Lake Michigan’s opposite shore.

Direct Distance Vs Road Distance

Measuring distance can be tricky. We have the straight-line distance and the distance by road.

Type of Distance Measurement
Direct Distance About 150 miles
Road Distance Varies by route

Direct distance is a straight shot, like a bird flies. Road distance follows the twists and turns of highways.

  1. Choose a starting point.
  2. Pick a destination.
  3. Use a map or GPS for road distances.