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How Far is Detroit, Michigan? Exploring The Famous Motor City

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Detroit, Michigan, has a rich industrial history, and you may be asking, “How far is Detroit, Michigan?”. The famous auto city is located in southern Michigan and is an important gateway to the Great Lakes Region.

Since the days of explorers and settlers, Detroit has been a commercial hub, and in the American economy, the city has contributed heavily towards the automotive industry. Moreover, other things like sports, architecture, and culture are among the top famous in the city.

So, How far is Detrait Michuigan?

We’ll the distance to Detroit, Michigan, depends on your location. If you are traveling from New York to Detroit, the distance by air is 480.53 mi (773.34 km) (4h 45min), and if driving, you’ll cover 613.69 mi (987.64 km) (11h 31min). 

If you want to determine the distance from your location to Detroit, the best way is to use Google Maps. Simply key in your current location and then Detroit, and click search to get an estimate of the distance and possibly the best route.

Ways to Get to Detroit City

If you are visiting Detroit for the first time, you probably want to know the transport services you may use to ensure your travel is safe and enjoyable. The Motor City offers travelers different means to get into the city.

You can travel by metro, road, air, and river. Travelers can drive from any Midwest location to Detroit. If you are from Toronto, Canada, the best route is The Ambassador Bridge, where you take Highway 401 to Windsor, connecting Canada to Detroit.

If you are not driving from Toronto to Detroit, you will probably need a train. The train services are the most efficient, and the scenic view between the two towns is something that you don’t want to miss.

If traveling on a long-distance train, you must plan early to avoid missing the departure. Most intercity trains take 10-15 minutes waiting time. 

Reserve your ticket a few days before your travel date, as there are few scheduled departures, and the demand might lock you out of traveling.

The train distance from Toronto to Detraoid is 212 miles, and it will take close to four hours to reach the destination. Ordinary trains will usually travel at 40 mph or 65 km/h to 65 mph or 105 km/h, which is suitable for exploring the fantastic views and tourist spots.

Apart from the train, air travel is another stress-free option to Detroit. Still in Toronto, cheap flights take you to Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW). Direct flights will take 1hr 15 minutes or 1hr 45 minutes.

Just like the trains, ensure you have the ticket in advance. Also, report at the airport one hour earlier to avoid missing your flight. If traveling from your region, you may scan through the various flight operators around you to choose one that fits your budget.

Some cheap flights will require you to connect several flights to Detroit. Ensure you have the correct travel schedule for easy flight connection.

What is the Best Time to Visit Detroit?

If you intend to visit Detroit, you probably want the best experience, hence the need to understand the weather patterns of Detroit. You don’t want to visit during winter and stay indoors.

So, which are the best months to visit the city?

Like other cities in the USA, Detroit has four seasons: summer, breeze, fall, and winter. You’ll have a season to enjoy based on the activities you plan to participate in.

January to February is a low-budget season. It is wintertime, and hence, there are not many activities. This is the ideal time to visit Detroit for travelers who can handle the frosty weather. Ensure you are armed for the winter weather. Ideally, have a warm coat and snow boots.

During winter, Detroit is always buried under a snow cloak, which is breathtaking scenery if you come from regions that do not experience snow.

Again, the hotel prices are low, and off-peak deals are available. Don’t miss attending February’s Winter Blast event, where the chilly season is celebrated.

April to May and November to December are great times to visit Detroit. In April, spring comes with low humidity and lower temperatures. 

It’s also a time when the crowds are small. Even though some rain might ruin your day, you can marvel at the amazing items at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

November is the month of events. You can’t miss Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. During that time, you’ll see some snow, but still, the city will be sparkling with excitement.

June to October is the high season of all the events. It is time for festivals and outdoor activities, increasing rates. The motor city is bubbling in summer, and everything becomes enjoyable. The sun, warmth, and partially humid conditions promote different activities.

Detroiters will spend most of their time in parks, along the river bank, listening to music and hiking. Music festivals, art fairs, and fashion shows are often running. There are more exciting activities to participate in, or you can traverse the woods to escape the crowds.

Note that each month has something to offer in Detroit. Therefore, you need to check the calendar and know your points of interest, then book in advance to claim your slot when the day comes.

Things To Do In Detroit City

The Motor City is large and lively and offers visitors plenty of things to do while exploring the different areas of Detroit.

Detroit is famously known as the birthplace of modern automobiles, where you do not need to leave the city without the Henry Ford Experience. So, what are the things you must do while in Detroit?

The Infamous Henry Ford Experience

The country’s greatest inventions are available with the tour experience of Henry Ford, ensuring you get access to the historical adventure of Americans’ past inventions to modern-day inventions.

A tour of the Ford Rouge Factory gives you a touch of how the manufacturing plant works. You’ll access the Greenfield Village, where vintage meets American modernity. You’ll also access the oldest artifacts at the Ford Museum situated in downtown Detroit.

The location is 20900 Oakwood Blvd, Dearborn, MI 48124, USA, with daily visiting hours from 9.30 am to 5 pm.

Belle Isle – Detroit’s summertime island oasis

A stunning state park once reserved for the rich is now accessible to visitors from all walks of life. It is a three-mile island where you can enjoy activities such as biking, hiking, sunbathing, golfing, and fishing.

At the Belle Isle aquarium, you’ll be treated to colorful reel fish and electric eels. Since the island is located at the center of the river, you can walk over the bridge or bike. Note that you’ll need a permit to access the place.

The place is at 99 Pleasure Dr, Detroit, MI 48207, USA, with daily visiting hours from 5 am to 10 pm.

Attend a major sports ballgame

Detroit has teams in all four major sports in the USA, meaning you can access ball events almost daily. World-class teams comprising Lions, Tigers, Pistons, and Red Wings have won over 24 championships, and the medals are displayed for viewing.

The Hockey Town is another nickname for Detroit, and it comes from the Red Wing’s dominance in hockey over the years. You’ll love the few tournaments around, making the entire experience wonderful.

Motown Museum

Lastly, you must visit the Motown Museum, which is the birthplace of Motown Music. This is where legendary musicians like Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson grew and established music careers.

The former studio was turned into a museum, and as you begin the tour, a video plays to pay homage to the founder of the studio, Berry Gordy. Other videos follow, and at the end, you get treated to the famous Ain’t No Mountain High Enough music produced in the studio.

The museum is at 2648 W Grand Blvd, Detroit, MI 48208, USA, and operates from 10 am to 6 pm, Wednesday to Sunday.


How far is Detroit, Michigan, is a common question that you’ll try to find out while planning to travel. The distance largely depends on where you are located. Traveling to Detroit will let you visit the Motor City and have the Ford experience.

You’ll still enjoy the year’s four seasons as you visit different parts of Detroit. Take part in the hikes on Belle Isle island or visit the great museums to see the legendary music studios, among other things.

Traveling to Detroit can be by train, air, or car. Whichever means you prefer, you’ll always arrive at the Motor City town and enjoy your stay.

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