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Data Scientist Salary Michigan And Tips To Increase Salary

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Do you want to know how much a data scientist salary Michigan is? You’re in the right place! 

The demand for data scientists has increased over the years. Why? Many industries have started realizing data science’s huge importance and applications. 

The United States of America has the most data scientists globally. In addition, data scientists in the country are paid handsomely compared to data scientists in other places. 

The question now is, how much do data scientists in Michigan earn monthly? In this post, we’ll discuss the salary and other valuable information you need to know about data scientists. Read on for more!    

How Much Is Data Scientist Salary Michigan

The average annual data scientist salary in Michigan is $105,489. This works out to $50.72 per hour, while per week, the salary is equivalent to $2,028, and per month, $8,790.

City, experience, industry, organization and even skill level can influence how much you can earn as a data scientist. While some data scientists earn as much as $178,923, some earn far lower, such as $33,151.

Another thing you need to understand is that the majority of data scientist salaries are within the region of $94,500 (25th percentile) to around $123,500 (75th percentile). The top earners in the field earn around $178,921 per year in Michigan. 

7 Cities With The Highest Data Scientist Salary In Michigan

A comparison involving the various cities in Michigan reveals that Lansing pays the highest data scientist salary in the state, followed by Detroit and Southfield.

You can relocate to these regions if you’re in Michigan and looking for a better pay package for your hard work. Check them out the cities below. 

City Yearly Salary ($) Hourly Rate ($) Monthly Rate ($)
Lansing $130,713 $62.84 $10,892
Detroit  $128,673 $61.86 $10,722
Southfield $127,019 $61.07 $10,584
Dimondale  $126,741 $60.93 $10,561
Saginaw $123,197 $59.23 $10,266
Holland  $122,003 $58.66 $10,166
Kalamazoo $121,467 $58.40 $10,122

What Is A Data Scientist In Michigan?

Businesses churn out turns of data each day. These range from inventory tracking to customer information. 

Gathering large data is one thing, and understanding it, and how to use it, is another. Businesses can only use data effectively when they understand it. 

Now, here is where data scientists come in. The data scientists manage and transform massive data, making it a breeze for business decision-makers to understand and act on. 

Working as a data scientist can be satisfying analytically, and intellectually demanding. But this field takes you to the forefront of the latest advancements in technology.

The job outlook for data science has been quite impressive over the years as large corporations have started realizing the importance of big data in their decision-making process.  

So, a career in data science could be the right one for you. Keep reading to get more details about the field. 

What Do Data Scientists In Michigan Do? 

The data scientist’s responsibilities or roles are the same across the globe. However, businesses may decide to tweak their data scientists’ role to suit their needs. But this doesn’t change what data scientists do. 

What are the main functions of data scientists? Firstly, they help to determine questions customer teams should be asking and uncover ways to answer those questions using data. 

Data scientists perform a range of tasks that help organizations make result-driven decisions. In addition, they often develop predictive models used for theorizing and forecasting. 

Here is a summary of the things data scientists do. 

  • Data scientists deploy data tools to analyze data. These include Python, SAS, R, and SQL. 
  • Identify patterns, including trends in the dataset, making it possible to uncover insights. 
  • Deploy machine learning techniques to boost data quality, including product offerings.
  • They can make recommendations to teams and top executives in an organization.  
  • Data scientists help create data models and algorithms for forecasting outcomes. 
  • They perform data mining, cleaning, and aggregation processes. 
  • Collaborate with various teams to understand each data analysis task, purpose, focus, and primary objectives.
  • Help design, develop, and implement data-driven solutions for organizations.    

Factors That Influence Data Scientist Salary In Michigan

Several factors affect the salaries of data scientists. In addition, it’s possible for two or more data scientists of the same skill levels but working for different corporations to earn different salaries. 

Understanding these factors can help you work towards becoming a top earner in the field. So, this is an important topic about data scientist salary that should grab anyone’s attention. 

Here are factors that influence data scientists’ salaries. 

1: Location matters: 

Even in Michigan, the salaries of data scientists vary from city to city. In other words, data scientists with the same experience level but working in different cities may earn different salaries. 

You can revisit the table about cities that pay data scientists handsomely in Michigan. Lansing tops the list, followed by Detroit. Data scientists are rewarded massively in these cities, but you should also consider other factors such as the company size, industry, etc. 

The point we’re trying to make here is that location can play a role in deciding a data scientist’s salary. So, consider relocating to another city if you aren’t getting the financial rewards you crave in your current city. 

2: The industry:

The industry you’re working in is another factor that influences data scientists’ salaries. In other words, some industries pay far more than others. 

For example, the real estate industry pays data scientists more. A report shows they pay data scientists 16% higher than other industries. 

Information Technology (IT) is another industry that pays data scientists handsomely, though they pay slightly less than real estate. The IT industry’s salaries are 14% higher than what other industries, besides real estate, pay similar employees. 

3: Job experience:

It is no secret that job experience influences salaries in all industries. A level 1 or entry-level data scientist will earn less than a level two or mid-level data scientist, and so on. 

Data scientists with more job experience will earn more than the ones with few years of experience. Most organizations even state their years of experience in their job vacancy listings. 

So, be ready to stay patient and walk your way up! You can climb from entry-level to mid-level and higher if you stay committed and work hard. 

4: Data scientist position:  

The role you occupy in a company will influence your salary. You’ll receive a higher salary if you manage other data scientists or play a supervisory role.  

5: Education 

The 2022 Burt Work salary report indicates how educational level influences data scientist salary. In other words, the higher your education, the higher your salary. You will also be able to negotiate better salaries with your employers. 

Employers sometimes indicate the qualifications they’re looking for in job listings. It could be a minimum qualification of a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or PhD. Thus, having a higher degree will enable you to earn a higher salary and give you some advantage in the labor market.

A Handy Tip: Reports indicate that about 51% of data scientists have a bachelor’s degree, 34% have a master’s degree, and 13% have a doctorate (PhD).  

How To Increase Your Data Scientist Salary In Michigan

Are you a data scientist seeking a better financial reward for your skill? You can take the following decisive steps to increase your salary and live your dream life. 

1. Acquire higher degree:

Resist the urge to remain a bachelor’s degree holder if you want to earn a higher salary. Acquire higher degrees and certifications. 

In other words, if you have a bachelor’s degree, get a master’s degree. After obtaining a master’s degree, you can go for your doctorate (PhD). 

Many senior data scientist roles may be available for professionals with Ph.D, and companies pay senior data scientists handsomely. 

2. Change your industry: 

If you aren’t paid well in your current industry, switch to another industry. Move to a more competitive industry, ready to offer data scientists a higher pay package. 

For instance, the real estate industry pays data scientists handsomely. The IT industry does too. You can also switch companies. Note that some companies pay data scientist employees a far higher salary than others. 

You cannot compare your salary as a Facebook or Google employee to what a random company in your city will pay. Facebook, Google, and even Twitter have the financial capacity and huge need for data scientists. 

So, if you want a higher salary, consider switching to another industry and focusing on organizations that pay data scientists well. 

3: Build new skill sets:

The data science field is evolving, and competition is increasing daily. Employers may also be interested in data scientists with additional skills and would be ready to pay more.     

If you have such skill sets, you’ll be ready for opportunities with higher financial rewards. So, develop your skill set. Make it a habit to learn new things and acquire knowledge or certification in your field. 

Those certifications aren’t a waste. Rather, they’re like a ladder that will get you to the top when the opportunity comes around.

Here are some new skills you may consider learning:

  • Big data
  • Risk analysis
  • Statistical analysis
  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Data mining and cleaning
  • Data warehousing and structures
  • Machine learning/ deep learning
  • Software engineering skills and programming language
  • Cloud tools and data analysis platforms

A Handy Tip: Developing new technical skills and knowledge is essential, but remember that you need soft skills to excel in this field, too. For example, you must communicate well and have excellent interpersonal skills. 

You must be able to simplify your findings and report them so that non-data scientists can understand and use them. 

4: Improve your resume: 

An effective way to make your resume more attractive to employers is to include professional certifications. Include certifications acquired in related fields, and leave out the irrelevant ones unless you feel they are necessary. 

You can take professional courses on data science on platforms like Coursera, Udemy, etc. Keep bagging the certifications to increase your chances of securing a job and a higher salary. 

How To Become A Data Scientist In Michigan

Do you want to become a data scientist? Here are the processes you would have to go through to become one. 

Obtain a degree:

Employers appreciate data scientists with degrees. Many even mention it on their job descriptions. 

While some employers may look for candidates with bachelor’s degrees, some might request a master’s degree or even a PhD. 

The bottom line is to acquire a degree. Get a bachelor’s degree and go for higher degrees afterward.

Improve your skills: 

It’s time to polish those hard skills you acquired from your bachelor’s degree program. You can get related courses from online learning platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and others. 

Besides online platforms, you can join relevant boot camps or request help from other data scientists far ahead of you. Don’t be shy to ask for help; whatever you learn will benefit you in the long run.

You can sharpen your skills in big data, programming, data visualization, risk analysis, and any others. 

Pursue entry-level jobs:

You have big dreams for your career. Everyone does have big dreams. However, going after mid-level jobs or higher might not be a good first step for a beginner data scientist. 

Start your career with entry-level jobs, and walk your way up. The salary for an entry-level employee may be small, but keep working hard. In no time, you’ll reach the top and start earning more. Just remain hardworking and committed. In addition, pursue higher degrees and certifications.


What is a data scientist’s salary in Michigan? Their average annual salary is $105,489. However, per hour, data scientists make $50.72. Per week, they make $2,028 and $8,790 per month.

Several factors, such as location, qualification, experience, industry, organization, and skill level, can influence a data scientist’s salary. 

For instance, while some data scientists earn as high as $178,923, some earn $33,151.

You can increase your salary by taking the necessary steps. These include switching to a more competitive industry that pays higher, obtaining a higher degree, and changing your location. 

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