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Daren Bates Net Worth: NFL Vet Close-Up 

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Daren Bates’ net worth indicates his skill and dedication to his football career. He has had a long and impressive career that has allowed him to accumulate a significant amount of money, and this article will dive into his finances for a clearer understanding.

Bates is a staple name in football, best known for his time with major NFL teams like the Rams, Texans, and Titans. 

So what is Daren Bates worth? And what investments has he made to generate his money? Let us get into more details and find out; 

Early Life and Career

Daren Bates is an American football player born in Memphis, Tennessee, on November 27th, 1990, which makes him 33 years old. He started his football career here, and many games returned to his home team.

Daren Bates is most famous for his football career, where he played as a linebacker in American football. He started his career in high school in Memphis, Tennessee, at Christian Brothers High School. 

He was an impressive player and a 2-time first-team Tennessee All-state safety from this age. He played at Olive Branch High School in his senior year under coach Scott Samsel. 

He continued his winning streak with four interceptions, 90 tackles, and nearly 900 yards of total offense. He went on to college, where he continued his career and stood out from the beginning.

In 2010, he was in 12 games with nine starts and was on the eighth team with 48 tackles. He became the Freshman All-SEC team and a second-team Freshman All-American. 

He started his collegiate games as a linebacker in the season opener against Arkansas State after being a safety.

In 2011, he started all 13 games and shone with 104 tackles and was the second runners-up on the team with 8.5 tackles for loss, nine quarterback hurries and 2.5 quarterback sacks. He made 94 tackles, one intercept, and recovered two fumbles. 

He then advanced into professional football in 2013, joining the St. Louis Rams. He was signed as an undrafted free agent and made the final 53-man squad in September 2013. He was primarily a special teams player.

He later played a game against the Houston Texans, returning a fumbled kickoff and scoring his debut touchdown. 

He was named one of the five captains in 2015 for the Rams for the first time in his career until he moved to the Oakland Raiders in March 2016.

His time with the Raiders didn’t last long because he moved to the Tennessee Titans in 2017, where he signed a 3-year contract worth 6 million dollars. He set a career record 2017 and ranked 2nd on the team with tackles.

Bates became the special teams captain in 2018 and garnered ten special teams tackles. He became a free agent in 2020 and had tryouts with the Houston Texans, and they signed him, but he left just a few days after. 

A month later, he returned to the Tennessee Titans in the practice squad and later elevated to the main squad. 

He played for the team against the Houston Texans, Buffalo Bills, and Pittsburgh Steelers but returned to the training squad after each game.

Bates moved to the Atlanta Falcons practice squad in October 2021 and was promoted to the active roster in November of the same year. 

Breakdown of Net worth

Dave Bates is one of the wealthiest football linebackers in the US, with a net worth of about $5 million. 

His primary source of income is his football career, which has been quite successful. One of his biggest contracts was the Tennessee Titans contract for $6 million.

Darren Bates has accumulated career earnings of approximately 9.5 million dollars, with some impressive amounts over the years. His largest cash payment was a  2.5 million dollar payment back in 2019. 

His first contract with the Rams gave him about 1.5 million dollars, which was a good start for his professional football career. 

He then went to the Raiders, receiving 775 000 before moving on to his biggest paycheck with the Titans at $6 million. 

There aren’t any credible sources to confirm whether Bates has other investments that bring him revenue, but chances are he does. He continues to receive a salary from the Falcons, so his net worth will remain until he retires. 

Comparison of Net worth to Industry Averages

Daren Bates is one of the wealthiest players in the sport. Analysis from sources such as Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider indicate that the athlete’s net worth is approximately five million dollars, as of December 11, 2023.

He is doing quite well for himself, considering the industry averages and what other NFL players make. 

The specific amount a player makes varies depending on the team they play for, its performances, sponsors, and standing in the NFL league.

Additionally, teams will pay players differently depending on their skill, experience, or other criteria specific to the team. 

The players can make money on the side through endorsements, movie deals, and other perks that come with the recognition of being in the NFL.

Most people claim that the average NFL player makes about $2 million annually, but this speculation is wrong. The average is distorted because quarterbacks and other big players make millions yearly.

The reality is the NFL’s median salary is about $860,000, which is a good revenue stream, but it isn’t close to 2 million. 

A starting rookie will get a minimum wage of $ 435,000, and the rate will increase as they grow in popularity, experience, and team stats.

Most media focuses on the top-paid quarterbacks who get paid upwards of $25 million annually, contrasting with the worth of other players like Daren Bates. Quarterbacks earn the most money at about $5 million, with the defensive ends at about $2.5 million.

The running backs are at the lower end of the payment scale since they last only a few years in the game because of their rough position. They get paid a median salary of $1 million, almost the same as kickers. 

The salaries of NFL players will rise significantly after the age of 26 because of the experience they’ve gained in the game, as in the case of Tom Brady. They become invaluable assets, so teams will give them bigger contracts.

Public Image and Personal Life

Daren Bates has done a great job keeping his private life out of the public eye and has not been subject to major scandals or controversies. 

NFL players are frequently mixed up in sexual assault cases and many other complicated affairs, but Daren has kept his hands clean.

Daren is married to Natalie Rose, and the couple has three children: Mejia, Kaeto, and Kamea. The couple has been together for a decade but haven’t mentioned much of each other on their social media pages.

It is hard to know how long their relationship has been since most of their attention is on their kids. Daren hasn’t spoken much about his married life, so most people aren’t even sure if he and Natalie are officially married.

Kaeto Bates is Daren’s firstborn and only son, who is nine years old, and he is the apple of the mother’s eye. Naomi has shared many photos and videos of Kaeto on social media, and Daren also loves and spends time with his son. 

Kamea Welsynn Rose (Mea) is their second child and firstborn daughter, who is six years old. Kamea is only six, but she seems to have already shown a love for animals and an interest in being a veterinarian. For now, she has a supportive father and two loving siblings.

Mejia Bates is the couple’s 4-year-old last-born daughter, and there are a lot of photos of Daren and Naomi with her and her siblings. 

Daren is a family man who has managed to stay in the positive light of the public through his time in the NFL.

Future Prospects 

Daren Bates had a long and fruitful football career, but he is, in all likelihood, going to stop soon since he is getting old. 

The 33-year-old Veteran is playing 53 and 57 with the Atlanta Falcons, and this will likely be his last team to play for.

Bates is a family man who might opt out of his football career to spend more time with his family and children. The linebacker has traded across numerous teams, generating much wealth and fame for him. 

Most former NFL players take other positions in the league, which is most likely how Daren Bates will also end up. 


Daren Bates’s net worth is about $5 million, a pretty good amount for a linebacker for the NFL. He has made all of his money from football and hasn’t made any of his investments public, but chances are he has made them to prepare for life after his career. 

Bates is a family man with three children who frequent his social media posts. He has had a fulfilling football career that started in high school, and all indications are that he will continue to play for a few more years with the Atlanta Falcons. 

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