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Can Obama Run For President In 2024? All You Should Know

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The rumor about the Democrats fielding Obama in the 2024 election is gaining momentum. Nevertheless, can Obama run for president in 2024? The Democratic Party wants to boost their chances of winning the 2024 presidential election. 

There is no denying that the 2024 presidential election in the United States will be tougher than the previous elections. Why? The need to save America economically and otherwise has never been greater. 

Donald Trump is a possible candidate for the Republican Party, and many believe he would be a stronger opponent for the opposition this time around. But, with Barack Obama as the opposition, the Republican’s chance of winning the presidency may certainly reduce. 

Barack Obama has what it takes to give the opposition a run for their money in the 2024 election. But the question is, can he run for president for the third time? Is he eligible?

Here is what the Constitution says, and more on the rumors about the possibility of Michelle Obama emerging as the Democratic Party’s 2024 presidential candidate.

Can Obama Run For President In 2024? 

Former U.S. President Barack Obama has been making the rounds across news platforms and blogs lately. Why? People are assessing the chance of the former president running for office for the third time. 

The reason people have been having thoughts about the ex-president’s third-term presidential ambition is that many believe he has what it takes to lead America efficiently. He has shown his leadership qualities, and Americans know what to expect. 

Can Obama run for office for the third time? Unfortunately, the 22nd Amendment makes it impossible for Barack Obama to run for president. He can’t run for office in 2024 or any other year. 

According to the 22nd Amendment;

 “No individual shall be elected to the office of the president more than twice.” 

Here is what it means. If you serve as president for two terms, which is eight years, you cannot run for president in any future election. 

Barack Obama was president for two terms. He spent eight years in office. So, he’s ineligible to run for president in 2024 or future presidential elections. 

The Constitution explains this in simple terms. No individual can serve more than eight years in office as president. So, those hoping to see Barack Obama’s name on the 2024 ballot can forget about dreaming. It simply won’t happen. 

The only way Barack Obama can run for president in 2024 is if the Constitution is changed. But we all know this won’t happen. Congress won’t want to bother themselves with such an issue because of the uproar it would generate. 

Changing the Constitution to favor an individual can be dangerous. It will put the country’s democratic system in jeopardy. 

Can Obama Run For Vice President in 2024? 

Since Obama cannot directly run for president in 2024, some suggest he should serve as vice president. 

The theory is that Biden can bypass the restriction (that Obama can’t run for president) by replacing Kamala Harris with Obama in the 2024 Presidential election. 

In this case, Biden will serve as the presidential candidate, while Obama will serve as the vice presidential candidate. If Biden decides to resign from office, Obama can take over as the president. 

Firstly, can Obama run for the office of vice president in 2024? Here is the question people should be asking. Well, the answer is no! It is not because Obama would reject the opportunity to serve under Biden. He can’t because it goes against the United States Constitution. 

Two laws will prevent Obama or any other former president from contesting for the vice president’s office. The first is the 22nd Amendment, which we have explained. 

The second law that will prevent Obama from contesting as a vice president in 2024 or in the future is the 12th Amendment. What does the 12th Amendment say?

According to the U.S. Constitution, “No individual constitutionally ineligible to the office of the president shall be eligible to the office of the vice president of the United States of America.”

Again, the Constitution is straightforward on this one. A two-term president is constitutionally unqualified to run for the president’s office. Therefore, he or she cannot run for the vice president’s office. 

Firstly, when the president is impeached, dies, or becomes incapacitated, the vice president becomes the president. So, if Obama is Biden’s vice president, and Biden steps down, Obama becomes the president. 

In this case, the 22nd Amendment would have been violated, as it states that no individual should serve more than eight years as president. Each term is four years, so a president can only serve two terms. 

So, Barack Obama cannot run as president, nor can he run as vice president. The only Obama that is eligible to run is the wife of the former president, Michele Obama. 

Michele Obama Presidency 2024 Presidency Rumors: What Is Happening?

The news of ex-president Barack Obama’s wife, Michele Obama, running for president in 2024 is gaining momentum. It started as a rumor among a selected few in the Democratic party, and now, top media houses are spinning the story in ways that will surprise even the Obamas. 

Joe Biden is the current president of the United States of America and would likely be interested in running for office in the 2024 presidential election as the Democratic Party’s flag bearer. 

President Biden’s desire to run for office for the second time has never been in doubt. A few weeks ago, he launched his re-election campaign, using a video in which he plainly said America is at a crossroads in the 2024 election. 

Joe Biden is the incumbent president and possible opponent to the Republican candidate, which will most likely be Donald Trump. The Democrats know Trump will be a more formidable opponent in the 2024 presidential election, so they are not ready to field a weaker opponent. 

The Democrats need convincing if they must field Joe Biden as the party’s candidate. They need convincing that Biden is the best candidate to run as the Democratic Party’s flag bearer in the 2024 presidential election. 

As the nation continues its search for the right candidate for the job, a familiar name might pop up. A report published by Telegraph indicates that former first lady, Michelle Obama, could be the next president. 

The report claims that Joe Biden could pull out from the race too early before the primaries, and fielding a grass-root candidate would be too risky. Instead, a familiar name could enter the race, and that name is Michelle Obama. 

Whether Joe Biden is ready to quit his 2024 presidential ambition remains to be seen. However, critics have highlighted several issues the current president has that could hamper his chances in the next election. 

Among the highlighted issues are Biden’s constant gaffes. The president called the Grand Canyon the “nine” wonders of the world in the latest gaffe episodes. The rumors about his health issues have been massive since he entered office.     

The incident occurred at the Red Butte Airfield in Arizona, which sits next to the Grand Canyon. He gave a speech and focused on his administration’s climate and conservation initiatives when he gaffed.  

If the Democrats drop Biden from the presidential race, the world will understand and move on. Sources say when government officials engage Biden; they feel like they’re dealing with the face of an administration, not the person in charge.

Kamala Harris would have been another interesting candidate to replace Biden, but her limited knowledge and latest error are as serious as Biden’s gaffe. She reportedly told her audience that the community banks are in the community, a statement that should have never been said.

So, will Michelle Obama, the possible candidate for the Democrats, accept the offer? It is all rumors and mere speculation at this point. 

What has the ex-first lady said about her ambition to seek political office? She has denied any interest or desire to seek political office.     

According to Fox’s report, the Democrats are keeping their fingers crossed and want to ensure they pick the strongest candidate possible. Douglas McKinnon, a former White House and Pentagon official, believes the Democrats will go for either Biden, Kamala Harris or a superstar.

A special report from Politico stated that several high-level Democrats have doubts over Biden’s presidential ambition. They don’t think supporting an 82-year-old to start a second term is the wise thing to do.    

Even if Michelle Obama agrees to run for president in 2024, can she defeat Donald Trump? Here is one question only time can answer. 

As Americans await the 2024 presidential election, we hope the best candidate to lead the country to greater heights wins.  

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