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Can A Felon Own A BB Gun In Michigan? Definition And Explanation

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In Michigan, the question of whether a felon can own a BB gun has raised debates and discussions. 

Like many other states, Michigan has strict laws and regulations regarding the ownership and possession of firearms for individuals with felony convictions.

However, regarding BB guns, the situation becomes somewhat more nuanced. Michigan has its own set of regulations governing BB gun possession. 

Learn how the laws regarding these firearms have evolved and understand what it means to be a responsible gun owner in Michigan.

Can  A Felon Own BB Gun In Michigan?

Yes. Thanks to the passed bill, convicted felons can now own airsoft firearms. Airsoft firearms are available to anyone, including offenders, because they are no longer regarded as actual weapons but as toys.

Read on as we elaborate on the requirements for possessing and using pistols, BB guns, blowguns, plastic guns, and shotguns in the Great Lakes State. 

BB Guns Explained

In Michigan, the right to carry a firearm is revoked if convicted of an offense. Even if you accept a plea bargain with a criminal charge, you will still be required to waive certain rights.

Can a person convicted of an offense purchase a firearm in Michigan? A person convicted of a crime cannot own, carry, or use a gun until they have been rehabilitated. 

If they do not regain their firearms rights, they may be accused of another offense and sentenced to up to five years in prison.

Possession, transportation, and use of lethal weapons, such as firearms, are governed by distinct limits and regulations under Michigan’s paintball gun and handgun laws. If you are familiar with these principles, you can easily navigate the state’s court system. 

Let’s unfold critical information about Michigan’s airsoft and handgun laws, whether you’re interested in purchasing an airsoft handgun for target practice or want to learn more about how blowguns are regulated.

BB guns are pellet or airsoft rifles that fireballs. When misused, these firearms can be lethal. “BB” refers to a ball bearing, also known as a “bullet ball,” a round projectile placed inside a shotgun cartridge. These pellets are expelled rapidly from the muzzle of the cannon.

Some consider BB firearms harmless toys, but they can cause severe injury or even mortality in certain situations. 

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has warned that BB firearms’ high discharge velocity makes them lethal. 

According to the CPSC, approximately four fatalities yearly are attributed to BB or pellet firearms. However, there are far fewer regulations regarding BB weapons than actual firearms.

People frequently cite the Second Amendment when discussing restrictions on BB firearms because they believe it protects them.

“The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,” states the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

What is the distinction between pellet and BB guns? Both are air weapons, but their ammunition differs slightly.  

BB firearms ammunition is made of round steel, while pellet guns use a distinct type of ammo made of lead. 

The barrel of a BB gun is polished, while the barrel of an air gun has perforations. Due to the tube’s smoothness, BB guns are slower than pellet guns.

A pellet pistol can be used for hunting, whereas a BB gun cannot due to the various speeds at which they fire. Small animals such as rabbits, rodents, and birds are hunted with pellet guns. It is superior to a firearm for firing in multiple ways.  

They are typically quieter than firearms, which is advantageous for hunting because it prevents animals from fleeing. They also quickly open and discharge, requiring little energy or strength to perform their tasks.

Air guns are excellent for firing because they are incredibly accurate. This is due to the projectile’s form and the bullet’s movement within the rifle.

Michigan BB Gun Laws

In Michigan, age restrictions exist on who can purchase or possess blowguns, pistols, rifles, shotguns, pellet guns, and BB guns. 

Under Michigan law, individuals must be 18 to buy or own certain firearms. Remember that this age restriction applies to both paintball and standard BB firearms.

In 2015, Michigan altered the definition of firearm to exclude high-powered and large-caliber non-powder weapons from most gun laws. 

The current report pertains only to weapons that will, are designed to, or can be easily modified to fire projectiles by exploding. “pneumatic guns” were expanded to include anything resembling a gun that can fire BBs or pellets by whichever firing mechanism.

Several state-level regulations that formerly applied to firearms that don’t use powder. A law has been repealed prohibiting juveniles under 18 from using or possessing certain non-powder BB guns outside the home unless accompanied by adults.

In Michigan, concealed BB handguns are subject to the same gun license, safety inspection certificate, and concealed pistol license requirements as other firearms. A permit is required to purchase a concealed pellet or air pistol in Michigan.

Pellet firearms are prohibited in schools, daycare centers, sports stadiums, casinos, airports, and hospitals.  

Any entertainment venue that can accommodate more than 2,500 people, businesses that sell alcoholic beverages, courtrooms, and anywhere that serves alcoholic beverages are also pellet-free areas. 

They are only permitted in places of worship if the person in command gives permission. You should also avoid using your airsoft pistol to frighten or fire at people unaware you have one.

When this occurs, criminals use plastic firearms to perpetrate crimes. Remember that if you use an airsoft gun to commit a crime, you will get the same sentence as if you had used a real gun.

In addition to these basic rules, which you should follow regardless, you must also comply with government regulations regarding airsoft. 

Airsoft firearms are intended to have orange tips, but most individuals remove them after purchase. 

Besides the orange tip, Michigan does not require additional painting on airsoft guns before or after being sold. Remember that each county may have its regulations. 

Even if you are an expert in every other subject, you should still research your county’s laws. You can inquire with the airsoft community in your county, local airsoft stores, or nearby airsoft fields.

Felons Possession of Firearms in Michigan

If you have been accused of a crime, your ability to possess or carry firearms will be restricted. Federal and state laws prohibit felons from possessing firearms for the remainder of their lives. 

But Michigan inmates may be able to get their right to carry firearms back if certain conditions are fulfilled.

Suppose you were convicted of an offense involving physical force and possession, sale, or distribution of a controlled substance. 

Illegal possession of explosives and firearms., give away, or use a gun or an explosive without authorization. 

In Michigan, you cannot own a firearm or ammunition until you have completed one of the following five activities for a minimum of five years.

You paid all your penalties, served your time in prison, and performed admirably while on parole.

If you were convicted of a specific type of offense and wish to possess a handgun again, you must apply with a Michigan court of appeals. 

Provide plain and compelling evidence of those as mentioned earlier, and the court may grant your request.

If you were convicted of a particular felony, you cannot regain your firearms rights until you successfully petition the county circuit court. 

You must wait five years before filing your appeal. The judge in charge of the case will typically set up a meeting where the petitioner or their attorney can explain why the petitioner’s gun rights should be reinstated. 

With one exception, the court will determine the unnamed offense based on the above factors. For certain crimes, the court must also determine that you are not likely to endanger the safety of others due to your past and reputation.

You will need precise and convincing evidence to win this. However, if the court determines that you satisfy the necessary conditions and have met your burden of proof, the judge shall restore your firearms rights, as the law requires.

Lastly, this rule does not apply to a sentence that has been expunged, set aside, or to a pardon unless the expunction, order, or pardon expressly prohibits the individual from possessing a firearm or ammunition.

State Gun Rights vs. Federal Gun Rights

Please bear in mind that the restoration of your state’s gun rights does not mean that your federal rights have returned as well. 

To identify exceptions to federal law, each case must be evaluated separately. Some violations will be prosecuted, while others will not.

In Michigan, a person accused of a felony is prohibited from using, possessing, transferring, or selling a handgun for three to five years. 

After this period, your state-restricted gun rights will either be returned automatically, or you will be required to petition a magistrate for them again. 

You must understand that any relief you receive depends on your eligibility under Michigan law. Under Michigan law, using, possessing, transferring, and selling firearms is permissible. However, you may be prohibited from doing so by federal law.

There are stringent restrictions on who may possess firearms. No permit is required to carry a blowgun, handgun, paintball, or BB gun in public. 

However, a valid concealed Pistol License (CPL) must cover it. This law ensures that those who want to bring a blowgun, pistol, paintball gun, or BB gun discreetly adhere to the same regulations as those who wish to carry traditional firearms.


Even though BB guns are no longer considered weapons in Michigan, how you use them can significantly impact the outcome. 

Local governments can impose regulations on airsoft weapons. In addition, you need to exercise caution with your BB gun thanks to new rules and public acts.

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