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Brandon Dawson Net Worth: The Business Guru’s Treasure Chest

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Brandon Dawson comes up when talking about some of the most influential entrepreneurs, so the topic of his net worth comes up in many discussions. 

He has had an exciting life and career that tells a story about falling and getting up stronger, and it has become his brand.

Brandon was famously fired from his company, but this is only a milestone that will propel him to his current affluence. 

Let us take a closer look at the founder and CEO of Cardone to better Ventures to understand the source of his wealth and how much he has made over the years. 

Early Life And Career

Brandon Dawson learned the importance of hard work early, as he started working at 16. He worked in the lower levels of the company selling and busing scene, and it was at this time that he realized he was meant for much more than that.

It was still in the 1980s, and there was a lot of potential on Wall Street as many companies were coming to market. Dawson would seize an opportunity at this time, creating a platform for which he would become famous.

He went into the stock exchange and would finally go public in 1998 when the stock exchange was a game reserved for the pros. He became one of the youngest to ring the American Stock Exchange bell when he was only 29.

He quickly approached his peak potential and value in this venture until his investors sold his business without him knowing. This betrayal would set him on a different path, eventually making him a millionaire.

Losing his company to private equity taught him a lesson about business control. He decided that he would never build a business that he didn’t have complete control over to make sure he didn’t get a repeat of the previous situation. 

Audigy Group, a company focused on hearing care, was founded at this time. Brandon went out of the public eye for a while, and after several years of investments and hard work, he had created very successful businesses.

He built, grew, and sold businesses at some with valuations as high as $151 million, which was one of the highest business valuations in 2017. He then started searching for his next big task, and that is when he ended up in the 10X Growth Con.

Here, he met Grant Cardone, and together, they started Cardone Ventures, now one of the largest business consulting and coaching firms. The company was successful, with over a billion dollars worth of companies under management.

They also created new companies like 10X Health, 10X Buy Sell, and Cardone Equity Group. They have partnered with companies in other industries like HVAC, Farms and ranches, Cyber security, dental, insurance and much more.

Professional Achievements

Brandon Dawson is a creative, hardworking individual who isn’t short on professional achievements. 

He has made a historic mark on Wall Street, and his reputation for creating and selling companies is unmatched, and it has commanded him international respect and millions of dollars. One of his first and biggest successes is the Audigy group.

Brandon created this company from scratch without giving up any control, and it was a huge success. He founded the company, which grew in revenue and market value to over $151 million by 2016 when he sold it.

He built it from the ground up without taking any debts or additional funding, which shows his creativity and ingenuity in the business world. He also co-founded Cardone Ventures, creating and developing hundreds of businesses through it. 

Throughout his career, Brandon Dawson has led the successful acquisition of more than 130 companies and generated billions of dollars of revenue through them. 

Cardone Ventures alone has about $4 billion in businesses under its management, and it is still rapidly growing. 

Brandon Dawson also invested in real estate, and this helped him make his first million by the time he was 30. 

He was good at spreading his talents and spotting opportunities, so he created and acquired many good businesses that contributed to his immense wealth.

He wrote several books about his journey, decision-making, and business management. The book has sold well in the business enthusiast world and helped build his vast fortune.

Income Streams 

One of the most significant sources of income for Brandon Dawson is the stock market. He traded, bought, and sold companies in the stock market, where he learned most of the tricks and tips he used to make his millions.

It also taught him the intricacies of company finance, which is vital in successfully creating and acquiring companies. He also used the same knowledge to leverage the real estate market, where he bought and sold properties.

This was and still is one of his biggest sources of income and a major contributor to his impressive net worth. With an understanding of cash flow, he could invest and use crowdfunding and other means to create sustainable companies.

Offering business consultation services is another major source of income for Brandon Dawson. He does this through Cardone Ventures, which has become a multi-billion dollar company. As a successful businessman, most people are willing to pay thousands for his advice.

Brandon Dawson has also started a series of companies with 10X, and they have contributed to his wealth. The trick to his success is putting his eggs in multiple baskets and choosing the baskets well.

Breakdown of Net worth

Brandon Dawson has accumulated much wealth, putting him at a net worth of approximately $100 million as of 2023. He got most of this money from selling his former company, which cost an impressive $151 million.

He learned to be resourceful and leverage the right partners and investment opportunities to get the best results from companies. 

He is also a published author who has sold thousands of books since he has a lot of good advice to offer business people and a compelling story.

His influence is apparent in how well his books sell, and they have added to his passive income sources. He has authored several books on business management and his life, and many people have drawn inspiration from his work and history. 

Public Image And Personal Life

Brandon Dawson has tried to keep a low profile regarding his personal life and people only get glimpses from his social media pages. He is married to Natalie Dawson, who is also his business partner. 

The couple prides themselves on working together and creating good businesses without drama, which is hard for most couples. They have even written a book together to share some tips on running a business successfully with a spouse without straining your relationship.

She is a self-made entrepreneur and has played an essential role in Cardone Ventures and several other businesses they co-own. Other than their relationship, very little is known about the couple.

By all indications, Brandon is a family man who loves to spend time with his wife, kids, and grandkids. He is also close to his father; he and his entire family often go on vacations together.

Philanthropy And Investments

Brandon Dawson has used his vast connections and resources to participate in various charities and philanthropic works. One of the most notable is the Grant Cardone Foundation, for which he raised $250,000.

This foundation helps various business people grow opportunities and improve their situations for better lives. He has also donated to multiple charitable organizations but keeps most of his finances private unless it concerns investment or coaching. 

Brandon Dawson has created a legacy of hard work and resilience, which has been demonstrated repeatedly as a leader. He has made many meaningful investments, leading to his growth and the growth of his loyal investors.

Through the Cardone Ventures team, Brandon can guide thousands of businesses into success and help others avoid the hurdles he went through. One of his most significant philanthropic acts is sharing details of his life and investments to give people a road map to success.

It isn’t entirely clear what plans Brandon Dawson has for the future, but if the past is an indicator, he will continue to invest, write books, and make millions. He has shows on YouTube with millions of followers and many interesting guests.

They share a deep knowledge of economics, stocks, and finances that could be helpful to a large group of people.


You have your answer and more information if you were wondering about Brandon Dawson’s net worth. The man is a business guru, and he has made companies that went up to valuations of over a billion dollars, which is the biggest source of his wealth. 

Brandon has been relatively open about his financial journey and struggles to get to his current position. Through his talks and books, he can guide millions of people on how to best manage finances and run businesses for a high success rate.

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