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Are There Mountains in Michigan? The Mitten’s State Topography

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Michigan is not renowned for its exceptionally lofty mountains and summits. However, does that mean the state lacks breathtaking vantage points and heights?

Presumably, the glaciers responsible for forming the Great Lakes eliminated most of them in the Upper Peninsula and further north. This region contains some of the state’s finest trekking trails.

Michigan, also known as the Land of Lakes, also possesses some genuinely remarkable landforms that do not contain bodies of water. 

Before the onset of winter, what do you do when you need exceptional hiking trails and high points in Michigan? Are the trails accessible during summer and autumn? Let’s find out.

Are There Mountains in Michigan

Although lakes and rivers are the state’s claims to fame, Michigan also contains several climbable mountains.

While the Rocky Mountains and the Great Smoky Mountains have more picturesque snow-covered summits, Michigan mountains provide an even more awe-inspiring vantage point for outdoor enthusiasts. The hills are great for hiking, camping, and several outdoor activities.

Mountains To Hike in Michigan

Wide beaches with clear water, tree-shaded hiking trails, towering rock formations, and countless acres of picturesque farms distributed throughout the state. That picture likely comes to mind when one reflects on Michigan. 

However, were you aware that Michigan possesses its picturesque mountain range? There are mountains unlike any other location on the Upper Peninsula and they include the following;

1. Porcupine Mountains

The Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park is the most expansive of all Michigan’s state parks. 

Beyond biking, hiking, and snowshoeing, it is a well-known location for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. 

Remember to bring your camera; the park is teeming with fauna and picturesque locations, such as Lake of the Clouds and numerous waterfalls, that are ideal for photographs.

An advantageous characteristic of the Western United States is its 60,000-acre expanse of untamed, picturesque forest teeming with wildlife. 

Interpretive programs, easy treks through old-growth forests, challenging excursions along pristine rivers and breathtaking waterfalls, and cordial staff are available throughout all four seasons.

The park features camping, a picnic area, and parking. Porcupine Mountains State Park has many additional waterfalls with solid currents and holes. Take care when hiking and wading in the rivers.

2. Government Peak

Most people engage in bicycling, trail running, and hiking at this peak. The Government Peak Trail is approximately 15 miles out and back for 30 miles. 

A side track facilitates a simple looping process for those who choose not to complete the entire trail. The picturesque Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park encompasses this peak, making it a popular summer vacation destination.

3. Zion

Despite being located on the premises of Gogebic Community College, Mount Zion is accessible to all individuals. During the winter, this mountain is an excellent destination.

Mount Zion is home to one of the state’s finest ski academies. It is an element of the Ski Area Management Program at the institution. 

Free or low-cost winter skiing lessons are available to all community members through this program, providing other enjoyable winter activities.

In addition to X-country skiing, ice hockey, curling, figure skating, and alpine skiing, Mount Zion Ski Resort offers a variety of activities.

4. Arvon

Mount Arvon Peak is located in Baraga County on the Northern Upper Peninsula of the United States. Elevated at 1,979 feet (603 meters) in height, it is the highest point in the province.

The location is approximately 20 kilometers (12 miles) to the east of L’Anse, in distance from the shores of Lake Superior.

State parks Baraga and Craig Lake are located to the peak’s southeast and west, respectively, and the area is a wilderness recreation area with streams and lakes.

Their course length along Lake Superior’s southern shore is approximately 20 miles (30 km). Additionally, Mount Curwood, Michigan’s highest point, is nearby.

Enjoy a breathtaking view of Lake Superior from the summit of Mount Arvon which offers magnificent views of the lake. 

Mount Arvon is an excellent option for a family vacation. This is due to its proximity to Lake Superior and its abundance of easy hiking trails with breathtaking views. There’s also availability of water activities such as sailing and fishing. 

The hike is slightly over 11 kilometers from the base and summit of Mt. Arvon. A few hikers may encounter difficulty, but the vast majority should be able to navigate without difficulty if they proceed slowly.

5. Underwood Hill

Underwood Hill is an ideal location for a family trek. Pitch-perfect and kid-friendly, the trails are exceptionally well-maintained. When climbing with your family, be sure to pause and unwind frequently.

Bring a carriage or wagon if you are hiking with young children if they become too exhausted to continue. Due to the lack of water at Underwood Hill, ensure that all family members have ample water while hiking there. 

The ascent is just over 400 feet, so the entire family should be capable of ascending except for very young children. It is advisable to bring along some refreshments.

6. Wolf Mountain

At approximately one mile, the Wolf Mountain Summit Trail is among the shortest in Michigan. But it is also among the most picturesque roads in Michigan. This mountain’s forests teem with flora, including ancient sugar maple and oak trees.

Wolf Mountain is a hiking trail that features an assortment of plant species. One may encounter zigzag goldenrod, jack-in-the-pulpit, large leaf aster, and feathery maidenhair ferns. 

You may also come across wood nettle bottlebrush grass, bloodroot, baneberry, wild sarsaparilla, and feathery maidenhair ferns. Amidst clear weather, the summit offers breathtaking vistas of Lake Superior in the distance.

Hiking Tips In Scaling Mountains In Michigan

Mountain climbing is an excellent method to gain physical fitness. It is beneficial for the psyche in addition to the body. It strengthens your legs and core, precisely what you need to do before a journey.

Burning calories while hiking depends on your weight and the ascent’s gradient (also known as the trail grade). Steep ascents will require additional muscle strength to complete.

Nonetheless, the quantity of calories burned during a trek remains constant. A steep, short hike will expend an equivalent number of calories as a lengthy, flat hike. 

Regardless, hiking is an excellent method to exercise and appreciate nature. Consider the following tips in your next hike.

  • Plan and Check the Weather

Predicting favorable weather conditions is the most critical consideration for novice hikers to enjoy their excursion. 

Although you may not wish for inclement weather to disrupt your excursion, it can frequently result in accidents or a less-than-pleasurable trek.

Whether you intend to stroll in the rain or shine, ensure you have everything you need to remain dry and safe by consulting the weather forecast beforehand.

  • Train For The Hike

One of the benefits of mountain walking is the opportunity to observe a variety of terrains and landscapes. This also necessitates that you be in sufficient health to appreciate and navigate the various types of scenery. 

Walking is considerably more straightforward if you have robust leg and abdominal muscles. On rough terrain, core stability will assist you in maintaining your equilibrium, whereas strong legs will be indispensable when ascending moderately to steep hills.

Crunches, cycling, and planks are all exercises that strengthen the core. Squats, lunges, and endurance exercises (such as running and cycling) increase the strength and vitality of the lower body.

  • Pick The Right Shoes

You are more likely to develop blisters on the trek if your footwear and socks are inappropriate, which can ruin an otherwise enjoyable excursion. We recommend having your footwear measured at a nearby outdoor retailer.

They should suit you as snugly as possible without being overly restrictive. Your socks being the proper length for your boots or not, can either make or ruin your journey. 

Crew-length Merino wool socks are the quintessential versatile climbing sock, and an investment in a quality pair is well justified.

Consider the following to facilitate your decision-making process:

  • On a level terrain, light hiking shoes should suffice for your excursion. However, if you intend to traverse inclines or snowy regions, you may wish to invest in more resilient climbing footwear. For moderate-difficulty treks, sturdy-soled backpacking footwear is suitable for various terrains.
  • Synthetic materials like nylon and polyester are permeable to air, lightweight, and easily breachable. Despite combining leather and synthetic materials, split-grain leather footwear continues to permit airflow.

Although full-grain leather boots are more resilient, they are also heavier and have poorer breathability. They are ideal for proficient trekkers who wish to traverse challenging terrain.

  • Similar in weight to running shoes, low-cut boots are ideal for novice hikers who intend to adhere to well-maintained trails. Boots with a mid-cut provide additional ankle support and shield you from vegetation and other road hazards.

Conversely, high-cut boots offer superior support and balance, rendering them ideal for hikers intending to traverse more challenging pathways.

Did you also know that there are mountain lions in Michigan? Take care.


Are there mountains in Michigan? Michigan comprises over forty percent water, more than any other state since Michigan is surrounded by the Great Lakes. Thus, despite Michigan’s predominantly water and barren terrain, some excellent hiking destinations remain.

Michigan lacks an abundance of towering summits. However, a few summits and hills provide excellent opportunities for camping, climbing, and other outdoor pursuits despite the state’s predominantly flat terrain. 

If you appreciate autumn hues, then autumn is an ideal time to visit Michigan. Going mountaineering during the winter is not advisable, particularly in the Upper Peninsula, where the terrain is tundra-like.

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