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Andrew Frankel Net Worth:  Education, Career, Wife & More 

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What is Andrew Frankel net worth? Who is he married to, and how many children does he have? Andrew Frankel is a multi-talented and popular figure, so these questions are crucial to fans. 

Andrew Frankel was Born on August 20, 1974, and has a versatile and impressive portfolio. He’s a business tycoon and has impressed in the entertainment industry. 

He’s the co-president of Stuart Frankel & Co. Inc., one of the leading brokerage firms in America. Frankel’s unmatched leadership qualities and experience have been instrumental in the company’s success. 

So, there are many exciting things about this amazing husband, father, actor and business tycoon that we’re about to discuss here. Let’s dive in!

Andrew Frankel’s Early Life

Andrew Frankel was born on August 20, 1974, almost a year before his father established Stuart Frankel & Co. Inc., one of New York’s leading brokerage firms. 

Stuart Frankel (father) and Sharyn Frankel (mother) are his parents. He was born in Philadelphia, United States of America. 

Andrew Frankel has lived in the United States of America all his life. However, while little is known about his childhood, Andrew Frankel undoubtedly had a memorable one. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, as his father was a successful businessman.

Andrew Frankel High School Education

Information about Andrew Frankel’s high school is unknown. Frankel is a public figure, but he enjoys keeping his personal life confidential. 

So, there is little information about the high school he attended. But given his father’s wealth during his teenage years, Frankel likely went to one of the best high schools.  

Andrew Frankel University Education

Andrew Frankel attended the University of Pennsylvania, earning a bachelor’s degree in economics. While we don’t know much about his GPA, Frankel does seem like an intelligent person. 

He’s multi-talented, intelligent, well-behaved and hardworking. He also has a massive interest in sports and finance. Of course, the latter is where he made a fortune.

Andrew Frankel graduated in 1994. There is no information on whether he obtained a master’s degree or did other professional programs after obtaining a bachelor’s degree. 

Here are other University of Pennsylvania alums who are prominent people.

  • Donald Trump
  • Elon Musk
  • Shakira
  • Warren Buffet
  • Tiffany Trump
  • John Legend
  • Sundar Pichai
  • Elizabeth Banks
  • Naom Chomsky
  • Beau Biden

A Handy Tip:  Andrew Frankel’s decision to study economics didn’t surprise the people around him. His father was a business tycoon and has a successful business. 

Andrew Frankel’s reason for studying economics was to understand the business world better. He loved what his father was doing with his company and wanted to follow in his footsteps. 

Andrew Frankel Siblings

Stuart and Sharyn Frankel, Andrew Frankel’s parents, gave birth to three children. So, Andrew Frankel has two siblings, a male and a female. 

Andrew Frankel’s siblings are Jeffery Frankel (brother) and Hilary Frankel (sister). There is little information about Andrew Frankel’s siblings. Thus, we don’t know if he’s the eldest child or what his other siblings do for a living.

 Andrew Frankel Career

Andrew Frankel’s entrepreneurship drive was already visible at a young age. At 16, he started showing the entertainment and business world what to expect from him. He collaborated with his cousin to create a comic series called “Alien Space Avengers.” The comic book was a hit and served as Frankel’s introduction to the world of entrepreneurship. 

Andrew Frankel’s dream has always been to follow in his father’s footsteps. But he knew he would require proper education and experience to fit into his father’s shoes. 

While studying, he worked as an assistant at Demaine Vickers Advertising Agency. He also worked at UTV 13 News Digest as a cameraman, audio operator, newscaster, and editor. Here, he gained massive experience in the media industry.

Money was never a problem for Frankel. His father was doing great in business. His primary focus was to gather enough experience and prepare himself for the business world. He even took time off to work at Hasbro Toy Company, gaining valuable experience in video games and toys. 

The job secured at Hasbro Toy Company showed Frankel’s passion for entertainment. Looking at his performances in the entertainment industry years after, it is evident that the experience picked up from working in the media, and Hasbro Toy Company paid off. 

Stuart, Andrew Frankel’s father, knew one day his son would run the family business. He even introduced him to his brokerage firm from a young age. 

Today, Andrew Frankel has been with the family’s brokerage firm, Stuart Frankel & Co. Inc., for over two decades and keeps expanding his expertise. He’s the co-president of the company. 

Andrew Frankel Net Worth

Andrew Frankel has a net worth of $80. He got his fortune from business and entertainment. He’s the co-president of Stuart Frankel & Co. Inc., one of the most prominent brokerage companies in the United States of America. 

He earns millions of dollars from his father’s business and would likely take over the business one day. This means his net worth will increase anytime soon. 

Andrew Frankel might not be most movie lovers’ ideal actor, but no one can deny that he always delivers whenever the opportunity comes knocking. He has featured in several blockbusters, such as Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Tomorrow Never Dies, and Godzilla. 

Andrew Frankel has also done top graphics jobs for several movies. So, he’s made a fortune from acting too. 

Andrew Frankel’s First Wife 

Andrew Frankel has been married twice in his entire life. However, little is known about his first marriage. His first marriage was to a mysterious woman. 

His first marriage produced three children, though it ended with a divorce. Frankel married the woman in secret, and the divorce was in secret. 

Andrew Frankel’s Second Wife

Andrew Frank got married for the second time after divorcing his first wife. He married Bridget Moynahan, a famous actress and model. 

How did Andrew Frankel and Bridget Moynahan meet? The couple met via a mutual friend and became close friends. The friendship blossomed, and they grew fond of each other. It later became a romantic relationship, leading to a marriage proposal.

Andrew Frankel and Bridget Moynahan got married in 2015. The marriage ceremony took place at the Wölffer Estate Vineyard located at Sagaponack. 

Andrew and Bridget Moynahan showed their philanthropic sides during their wedding. They asked friends, colleagues, and relatives not to bring gifts to their wedding. Instead, they urged them to donate to the Hole in The Wall Gang Camp, a not-for-profit organization that cares for children with life-threatening diseases. 

Both couples have built a strong bond and are often seen holding hands. They look pretty good together and look destined to be together. 

Bridget Moynahan, Frankel’s wife, is worth $25 million. She was doing well for herself before marrying Andrew Frankel. She has been a cast member on the CBS series Blue Blood since 2010, featuring as ADA Erin Reagan. 

Per episode, Moynahan reportedly earned a whopping $60,000, which later increased to $100,000. This means she receives a whopping $3 million for each season.

Who Are Andrew Frankel’s Children?

Andrew Frankel isn’t just a successful businessman and actor but a proud father. He’s the father of three lovely kids.

His kids are from his first wife, whose name has remained out of the public and destined to remain so. 

His kids are:

  • JB Frankel
  • Griffin Frankel
  • Jack Frankel

Like Andrew Frankel’s first wife, there isn’t much information about his three sons. However, from all indications, the three boys love sports.  

Andrew Frankel once posted on LinkedIn about his youngest son, JB, playing in a basketball tournament in Massachusetts. In the same post, he also mentioned his other two sons, Griffin and Jack, getting home from college and excited to play golf with their dad on Long Island. 

Does Andrew Frankel And Bridget Moynahan Have A Child?

Andrew Franklin and Bridget Moynahan’s marriage hasn’t produced any child.  

The only kids Andrew Frankel has are his three sons (JB, Griffin, and Jack), all from his first wife. However, the bond between him and Bridget looks super strong. It seems not having a child together isn’t a big deal. They look happy and comfortable with each other whenever they step out. 

On the other hand, Bridget Moynahan had been married before she met Frankel. She was married to Tom Brady, a renowned football player. Bridget and Tom had a son named John Edward Thomas Moynahan, born August 22, 2007.  

So, Andrew Frankel and Bridget Moynahan have kids of their own. Frankel has three kids, while Bridget had one with her ex-husband. 

A Handy Tip:  There are rumors that Andrew Frankel and Bridget Moynahan plan to live under one roof with all four kids. If this happens, it will strengthen their bond more. The children are also excited about the news and looking forward to it.

Is Andrew Frankel And Bridget Moynahan Still Together?

Yes, Andrew Frankel and Bridget Moynahan are still together. Their love keeps growing stronger every day as both couples grow older. 

Both couples are wealthy, have successful careers, and were parents even before they tied the knot. So, getting married was like the icing on the cake for them.

Is Andrew Frankel Gay?  

There has been no report of Andrew Frankel claiming that he’s gay. He’s married to Bridget Moynahan, a female, so that means he’s straight.  

Frankel’s dating history shows he’s heterosexual. He also had kids from his previous marriage. 

How Tall Is Andrew Frankel?

Andrew Frankel is 6 ‘0” in feet and inches. In centimeters, he’s 183 cm. He weighs approximately 165 lbs in pounds. In kilograms, he weighs 75 kg.

What Does Andre Frankel Do Now?

Frankel has never hidden his desire to follow in his father’s footsteps. He loves business and adores finance. He has amassed a lot of experience in various fields, including finance. 

Today, Frankel is employed by the stock trading business his family has been running for over two decades. He’s in charge of the firm’s sales activities. In addition, he also runs the United States cash equities trading desk at the New York Stock Exchange. 

He’s an expert in desk analysis and corporate access, boasting massive experience in both fields. 

How Old Is Andrew Frankel Now?

Frankel was born on August 20, 1974. Thus, he’ll become 49 years old by August 2023. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America. 

Andrew Frankel Profile

Full NameAndrew David Frankel
Age49 (as of August, 2023)
Place of BirthPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Zodiac signLeo
Current ResidenceNew York City, USA
Sexual OrientationStraight
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorDark Brown
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Actor
Marital StatusMarried
PartnerBridget Moynahan
Number of Kids3 (with his first wife)

Andrew Frankel Awards 

Andrew Frankel hasn’t had any awards as an actor, entrepreneur, or philanthropist. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t successful or doesn’t deserve one. He deserves an award for how he has positioned his father’s business to prosper, which is a massive task given the current reality in the financial market. 


Andrew Frankel’s net worth is $80 million. He made his money from his father’s firm, Stuart Frankel & Co. Inc., where he works full-time. 

Surprisingly, Frankel still has a chance to participate in golf and tennis, two sports he loves. He is married to Bridget Moynahan, Tom Brady’s ex-wife. 

Frankel had three sons from his first marriage to a mysterious woman. Her name and information about the marriage remains unknown. Both couples aren’t together anymore. Frankel seems to be so deeply in love with his second wife, Bridget. 


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